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2 Reasons To Use A Countdown Timer On Your Website?

Even if you don’t own a website then also you are aware of the countdown timers. Whenever you visit an e-commerce store or any website, a popup flashes in front of the screen with a timer ticking the clock. This plugin is called the ‘countdown timer plugin’. It is there to alarm you that the offer, discount, and price drop on any particular product or deal is there for a very limited time period. 

For example- You must have noticed that the time that they show is quite less and you have to make a quick decision about it. When it makes you think, right there they achieved the purpose of putting that timer on the screen.

According to Marcus Taylor’ case study, adding a countdown timer increases his conversion rate from 2.5% to 10.8%

In short and simple words, the countdown timer plugin is a psychological strategy that is used by any seller for any website visitor or buyer to make a purchase or to take positive action. 

To understand this psychological strategy, let’s take one more relatable example– if you want to buy a pair of shoes and you see that the deal is quite good at that time and the shoes do not look expensive to you. So there, 50% of your mind has already made a decision to buy it but when you see a countdown timer of only 2 hours, you feel like buying it as fast as possible before it gets out of stock. Then you’ll 99% buy it if you really want it. This is how the psychology behind keeping a countdown timer works for you.

2 Majors Reasons For Using A Countdown Timer Plugin

1. To Encourage More Purchases

Customers who are confused about whether to buy a product can be encouraged by a timer, especially if they are. The ability of a timer to persuade individuals to act quickly in order to take advantage of a promotion or purchase a limited-edition item. It works well to encourage more customers to make purchases.

2. To Drive More Sales

More attention is drawn to the sale and the item when there is a ticking clock next to the product price.

When Edible Arrangements made their same-day delivery option available with a timer, their sales increased. Even though they had been providing same-day delivery for a time, customers didn’t appear to notice. Simple timers led to an 8% boost in same-day sales.

By informing customers that there is only a limited window of time before an offer expires, you can trigger major FOMO in them. They’ll want to buy deals before the timer expires. 

Shopping cart items are the absolute last thing internet retailers want to see. Sending a customer an email with an additional, time-limited discount and a countdown timer can provide the extra push they need to complete the sale if they leave an item in their shopping cart but don’t check out.

Countdown Timer Ultimate

Now that you have learned about the countdown timer plugin, here we would like to introduce the Countdown Timer Ultimate plugin which is very easy to download and use. With the help of ‘Countdown Timer Ultimate’, you can make your product appear scarce and urgent. You add a Countdown Timer to your website or landing page to create and display this to show that you have a limited number of deals and discounts available, and your customers must act quickly to take advantage of them.

On the back end, Countdown Timer Ultimate offers a complete WordPress countdown timer management system with the ability to:

  1. Create unlimited timer
  2. Expiry Date & Time
  3. Timer Label
  4. Timer content and designing

Benefits :

  1. Driving more clicks
  2. Boosting the sales
  3. Making customers take fast & positive decision
  4. Generating high revenue
  5. Scheduling the time


Customers must be convinced that time is running out and that you are running out on supply, goods, or services. So why wait then, grab this ‘Countdown Timer Ultimate’ today and drive more purchases and sales on your website easily.

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