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4 Best White Label Lead Generation Software Your Competitors are Using

Looking for a robust and revenue-generating white label lead generation software and don’t know where to begin? 

Choosing white label software becomes a daunting task when you have an overwhelming amount of options out there. But that shouldn’t stop you from selecting the right software that does exactly what you want it to do- help create lead generation campaigns and add pertinence to your reseller programs whilst grabbing key data and insights for well-informed decision making. Is that it?

No, not at all. The gamut of benefits of choosing a white-label lead generation software runs infinite and the prime of them all is that it enables you to replace a software’s original branding and replacing it with your own branding options without making it look obvious to your customers. How awesome that is, right? 

Here is a list of the top 5 white-label lead generation software you would love to use. Let’s get the ball rolling. 

1. Active Campaign 

Active Campaign is a highly lauded white label software with stunning features to take your lead generation campaign to the next level. 

You have the flexibility to add 4 types of lead generation campaigns to your website which are modal popups, floating boxes, floating bars, and inline forms. 

The best part of using this best-in-breed software is that it works on autopilot, so it wraps up all key tasks every single time a lead is captured while you are dozing or grabbing a quick cuppa. It notifies your team, sends out welcome emails, and also segments the lead captured. 

Besides, you have the flexibility to replace the software’s logo and brand it as your own in-house tool. 

Is your lead generation campaign deprived of upper-crest features? If the answer is yes, it is time to try Popup Anything. 

With a myriad of features such as floating bars, page-level targeting, floating boxes, custom link generation, scroll-boxes, and exit detection; you have an end-to-end solution at your disposal. 

Creating any type of content such as image, button or link is possible with this stunning WordPress Popup Plugin. You can track user events on clicks and also have plenty of design options. 

Make optimum use of 9 positions and 7 effects and include various elements such as HTML, shortcodes, and images. 

You are spoilt for choices while using this must-have WordPress Plugin that allows you can create different types of popups- bar popup, exit-intent popup, scroll up/down a popup, inactivity popup, and adblocker popup among many others. 

Creating captivating offers is a cinch with ‘Popup Anything’. You can also select visibility settings, and enable/disable adblocker popup settings. What’s more?

Store impression data and cookie expiry times with sheer ease apart from running A/B testing campaigns with customized settings. 

3. Campaign Monitor

Next-up is Campaign Monitor! It comes loaded with a drag and drop builder to create signup forms and emails. It deserves to be your one-stop solution for the management of multiple businesses in tandem. 

Boost conversion rates by increasing the number of newsletter subscribers in a short span of time. This white-label software allows businesses to have a subscribe button and signup form with their own branding.

There is also a private label feature to create an agency account with numerous sub-accounts. 

We call it a comprehensive white-label lead generation software for a reason. Leverage the built-in analytics and dashboard to see how your campaign is performing. You can also access key information such as demographics, engagement patterns, and customer acquisition data. 

We call it a comprehensive white-label lead generation software for a reason. Leverage the built-in analytics and dashboard to see how your campaign is performing. You can also access key information such as demographics, engagement patterns, and customer acquisition data. Here, you might like to read more about 5 Lead Generation Hacks Using Quizzes Nobody Told You.

It is pretty easy to track results with their suite of analytics. If permission and assigning user roles are your prime concerns, Campaign Monitor takes care of that too. 

4. Formidable Forms 

Formidable Forms became the talk of the town pretty quickly owing to its integration and automation capabilities. 

Listed amongst the best lead generation white-label software, Formidable Forms allows you to integrate with all major email marketing platforms inclusive of- Aweber, Mailchimp, and Mailpoet among others. 

Whether you are looking to create a survey, quiz, poll, or sign-up form, this versatile software is all you need. The software allows you to turn off form branding, so your customers wouldn’t know about the tool you are using. Your clients will never see the Formidable Forms logo or name anywhere. 


White label software has opened newer avenues for business owners. Gone are the days when you had to break your bank to get in-house lead generation software developed. 

By choosing a lead generation white-label software you get access to plenty of advanced features and automation facilities. All you need to do is pick the one that suits your needs the best and see your conversion rates and subscriber base skyrocketing. 

For more information about white label lead generation, feel free to connect with us.

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