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4 Common WordPress Theme And Plugin Errors, How to Fix Them

WordPress is undoubtedly the most sought-after and feature-rich platform, but like every machine in the world, it can also have some technical issues from time to time. 

Rummage around the internet and you will see tons of posts and threads in the forums asking solutions for problems such as WordPress themes not working, WordPress theme editor missing, and WordPress bugs. 

If you are a WordPress user, chances are that you also faced some technical WordPress error at some point or another. So, in this post, we are going to share the most common WordPress issues and their quick solutions to make your life easy. 

1. Badly structured URLs

WordPress is awesome and there are no two thoughts about it, but let’s face it. The default WordPress URL structure isn’t up to the mark really. But that’s hardly a big issue as there are easy ways to fix this WordPress issue. 

You must know that badly structured URLs hamper your SEO prospects and you should fix this error as soon as possible by using this simple trick. 

  • Go to settings 
  • Look for the option- Permalinks 
  • Change your setting to ‘Post Name’ or any other option that you think works. 
  • That’s it! 

2. Accordions, Image hovers, Slides and Toggles Not Working Properly 

Does this sound familiar? The majority of themes make optimum use of image hovers, accordions, toggles, and tabs by leveraging JavaScript/JQuery. 

If you have been experiencing a problem with any of these lately, chances are that it is a javascript error. It could be causing your theme to stop working or preventing the features mentioned above from functioning the way they should. 

So, what’s the solution? 

First things first! You must disable all the plugins you have installed. Once disabled, clear the cache. 

Now reload the site and start activating all the plugins one by one. This will help you find the culprit plugin that was causing the issue. 

Simply get rid of that plugin by uninstalling it and looking for an alternative plugin offering the same functionality, but it could cost you some time. What if someone told you that you can find all the plugins bundled up in one place to kick up the functionality of your website one notch? 

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3. Sample Data Import Issues 

Are you facing sample data import issues with your WordPress website? Sample data import error is caused due to two problems. One of them could be that you are attempting to load taxonomies or posts that do not exist. So, what do you need to do? 

Firstly, make sure that the theme you are using is active. Secondly, it should have all the posts and taxonomies you are using. 

The other common problem you may come across at times is failed to load media. Make sure that the images you are trying to use are accessible. Also, make sure that the box that reads ‘download and import all attachments’ is ticked. 

If all of this seems too complicated, you may want to connect with your website developer to help you out. 

4. Missing Stylesheet 

Another common problem WordPress users face is theme installation failed. Finalizing a ravishing and feature-rich theme is surely exciting, but seeing an error message like the one mentioned above is enough to bog you down, but the good news is that it has a solution too. 

You first need to access the root folder and open it. You should be able to see all theme files now. 

If that’s not the case you should proceed with checking the subdirectory. Do you see the root theme folder now? Simply upload it using WordPress website or FTP. That’s all! 


So, we checked out the top 4 common WordPress issues and also saw how to fix these errors. If you are experiencing a WordPress issue that is not listed here, you may want to perform a quick search on Google. 

Another great way to find solutions to your WordPress errors is by checking WordPress forums. You will find the vast WordPress community of developers providing solutions to the most common and uncommon WordPress issues or you can contact us for the best solutions.

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