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4 Fabulous Tips To Create A QR Code For Your Website

Having a QR code in place helps your business in more than one way and boosts the conversion rate of your website. So, if you are looking to ramp up sales and revenues whilst making your website more secure, you should consider creating a QR code for your website. 

There are several other benefits of having one in place. You can leverage QR codes for sharing social media links, coupon codes, creating event participation invites, and accepting payments among others.  

It is no rocket science and by following these astonishingly easy tips you can. 

1. Use a QR code plugin 

You can create a QR code for your website quite easily by using a robust QR code plugin. Popup Anything- A Marketing Popup is a remarkable plugin with immense technological capabilities. 

It has been designed to ward off your QR code development woes. The WordPress Popup Plugin is an ideal solution for those looking to create a QR code for websites without spending a lot of money and time. 

It is preferred due to its clean user interface, user-friendliness, and custom design options. With options such as lightbox popup, floating bars, exit-detection, page-level targeting, and custom link generation; you can do wonders. 

More features of ‘Popup Anything’- 

  • Display pages, links, and buttons.
  • Track user behavior. 
  • Different types of pop-ups such as scroll up & down, page load, inactivity, push notification, Referrer/UTM/cookies based, and slide in among others. 
  • 9 positions and 7 attractive effects to capture the attention of your audience in a timely way. 
  • Insert any type of content you want including HTML, shortcodes, or images. 

2. Use QR codes for creating alluring offers 

Let’s face it! QR codes are everywhere and since this amazing square box allows both Android and iOS users to use the default camera of their phone to scan codes, your job becomes way easier. 

If you create QR codes strategically using an all-around plugin such as ‘Popup Anything’, you will see results in just no time. 

This marvelous plugin allows you to choose popup behavior, popup content, and its type too. Take full charge of how you want the QR code to function without having any coding skills. 

What’s the best part? You can even customize the content, design, and type according to your wish. ‘Popup Anything’ makes the entire process a cakewalk and hence if you have an offer for the audience getting the most out of it is no herculean task. 

This best-in-breed plugin boasts several features to smooth your offer creation journey. 

3. Timing is important 

Just creating a popup isn’t sufficient. Popup timing is extremely important for number one as showing it to your customers at the wrong time can be annoying and enough to drive away your potential customers. 

When strategically done after a thorough analysis, it will do wonders for your campaign. The good news is that a professionally designed QR code plugin like ‘Popup Anything’ lets you choose the settings. 

Whether it is popup visibility, enabling or disabling adblocker popup, or display setting; you can select the settings and create a QR code for your website. It also allows you to store impression data and adjust cookie expiry times. 

4. Perform A/B testing For Conversion Rate Optimization 

A/B testing is indispensable to any marketing campaign and CRO marketing requires you to perform A/B testing to compare two campaigns. 

By leveraging A/B testing to compare various marketing channels, locations, marketing copies, and designs; you can figure out what works and what doesn’t. 

Conversion rate optimization is an end-to-end process and it requires introspection and strategic thinking for desired outcomes. 

Again, when you have a comprehensive and robust plugin like ‘Popup Anything’ at your disposal, there is nothing that can stop you. 

It has got myriads of customization options such as enable or disable A/B testing campaigns, add campaign title, selection of popup for your campaign, and even the appearance of the popup. 


The biggest brands are making the most of QR codes to their benefit and as a futuristic business, you must also deploy QR code scanning to your advantage.

Hiring a developer to make QR codes for your website can be an expensive affair. Selecting a good QR code plugin is an economical, agile and effective way to take your marketing campaigns to another level and boost sales in an unprecedented fashion.

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