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5 Amazing Website Slider Examples For The Home Page

Contemporary websites have eye-catching home page web sliders that serve the purpose of showcasing your brand, products, and services emphatically. Webpage sliders not only convey the key information and your brand message to your visitors but also convert them into loyal customers in the future. 

This post covers some exceptional slider examples you can take cues from to get started. 

1. Product carousels 

Product carousels are as dynamic as they could get. It is no exaggeration that they are indispensable to contemporary eCommerce websites. You can showcase multiple items on your home page using web page sliders. 

Product carousels encourage visitors to find out more which makes them stay on your website for as much time as possible and explore more products similar to their preferences. 

Several plugins allow you to create stunning product carousels in virtually no time. One such plugin is Essential Plugin’s WP Slick Slider and Image Carousel that empowers your WordPress eCommerce website’s engagement rate with stunning and responsive image sliders and carousels.

Below are listed some of the many features of Essential Plugin’s web slider. 

  • 5 layouts and more than 90 engaging designs 
  • Drag and drop to change the order of your posts 
  • Touch-based and responsive slider 
  • 8 arrow and 12 pagination designs 
  • Multiple language support 
  • Custom CSS editor 
  • Flexibility to display sliders according to categories
  • Read more links 
  • Choose to ascend or descend the post order

2. Blog Sliders

If you wish to create a next-level experience for your blog readers, you must consider using blog sliders on your websites. 

These sliders are ideal for those who wish to post engaging content without overlooking the blog design. The result- your blog is sure to sweep visitors off their feet. 

Blog sliders have gained immense popularity in the recent past and they will be here for a while. As a WordPress user, you can find several plugins to create blog sliders in virtually no time. Essential Plugin’s Blog Designer – Post and Widget is a go-to plugin with more than 8 layouts with as many as more than 100 design options. That’s not it. 

More salient features of Blog Designer- Post and Widget 

  • Blog ticker feature 
  • Plenty of blog widgets 
  • 24 designs for masonry layout 
  • 45 designs for slider and carousel
  • 50 post grid designs 
  • Support for visual composer page builder 
  • Show blog posts in various categories
  •  Custom read more link 
  • Change the order of blog posts by using the drag and drop feature 
  • Multi-language 
  • Custom CSS editor
  • Responsive and slider RTL support 

3. Testimonial Sliders 

Testimonial sliders are also commonplace these days. You will find almost every other big website, especially eCommerce websites leveraging minimalistic testimonial sliders to their benefit. 

Such sliders enable you to display testimonials with clean text, high-resolution logos, and text making it easy for visitors to read the information without having to burden their eyes. Besides, there are dots and pagination arrows that smooth the whole navigation process in style. 

Testimonials have always been used to win the trust of new customers and when you showcase them in an easy to spot and read fashion, the impact increases even more. 

Essential Plugin’s WordPress Testimonial with Widget is a great plugin for showcasing testimonials on your WordPress website. It is an intuitive slider that offers personalization options galore to admins. From testimonial forms to loop-enabled sliders, and widget support, the feature list of WordPress Testimonial Plugin is infinite. 

More features of WP Testimonial with Widget

  • More than 20 grid designs and more than 20 slider designs 
  • 3 layouts with more than 15 design options
  • Widget support
  • Display testimonials in different categories
  • Show testimonials in ascending or descending order
  • Show or hide arrows and pagination 
  • Completely responsive to adjust to various screen sizes
  • Touch-based sliders
  • Multi-lingual 
  • Display profile or avatars of your clients 
  • Custom CSS editing

4. Logo Showcase Sliders 

Another great slider example on the website’s home page is logo showcase sliders. You can display your and your clients’ logos on your home page by using a WordPress plugin.  

Essential Plugin’s WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider enables users to display logos of sponsors, affiliates, clients, and other supporters in an unprecedented manner. 

Features of WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider 

  • 6 layouts supporting grid, slider, ticker, list, filter, and center mode
  • 2 widgets for slider and grid
  • 15 pre-built design templates 
  • 3 shortcodes
  • Adjust slider speed and autoplay 
  • Hide or show pagination and arrows 
  • Show logos as per different categories
  • Custom CSS editing feature 
  • Include or exclude multiple logo posts 
  • Choose to limit the number of logos on display
  • Multi-language support 
  • Change the post order through the drag and drop feature 

5. Woo Product Slider and Carousel with Category

Woo Product Slider and Carousel with Category is a premium plugin enriched with state-of-the-art features very few plugins In the market offer. Fend off your slider woes with Essential Plugin’s woocommerce carousel that allows you to add multiple and responsive sliders. Just use shortcodes to create sliders for featured, best rated, and on-sale products. 

More Features

  • 8 pre-built layouts
  • Featured product sliders 
  • More than 50 design templates 
  • Showcase regularly priced, best-selling, featured, or best-rated products in grid or carousel layout 
  • Hassle-free integration with your favorite page builders such as DIVI, VD Composer, Elementor, and Beaver. 
  • Display recent products 
  • Custom CSS editing 
  • Various layouts- grid, center-mode, and slider
  • Lightweight and doesn’t bloat your website 
  • Choose the number of cells in every slider. 


These website slider examples show that if you get a little creative with showcasing your products, blog posts, logos, and testimonials on your website, you can easily boost the traction and conversion rates. Get more details about Best WordPress Slider.

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