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5 Awesome Reasons for Installing the WordPress Testimonial Plugin

What are Testimonials?

Testimonials are social proof.

And, social proof is an easy acceptance.

WordPress has got an exclusive testimonials plugin for helping the website owners showcase social proof of their services via client feedback. 

A testimonial plugin WordPress is one of the best ways to help your visitors trust your products and services via previous or latest feedback stories. 

What is a WordPress Testimonial Plugin?

A testimonial plugin allows the website owner to showcase the different testimonials of their clients. Testimonials are in the form of texts or videos. WP testimonial plugin allows the website owner to display their testimonials in both text and videos. Also, these testimonials can be displayed in various styles and formats by taking the help of the testimonial plugin. 

Many of the clients are concerned whether downloading the plugin is safe for their website? Any technical knowledge to pursue utilizing the features? Let me tell you some incredible facts about downloading the testimonial slider WordPress Plugin by Essential Plugin

5 Awesome Reasons to Trust WP Testimonial Plugin

As discussed above, social proofs are crucial for keeping your clients engaged and interested in your website’s services or products. Well, there are different WordPress testimonial plugins available on the WordPress store. Still, I shall discuss the WP testimonial slider plugin and the benefits of installing it on your website.

1. 15+ Incredible Designs with 3 Unique Effects

Testimonials need an attractive format for getting displayed. It must be placed accurately and interestingly for gathering maximum attraction from the clients. 

Here is an example of how the WP testimonial plugin has 15+ different design positions for getting displayed on the website. These designs allow you to choose the correct position for placing your client testimonials on your WordPress website. 

2. Testimonial Front-End Form

Well, genuine testimonials always work the best to attract your visitors. The testimonial slider WordPress plugin allows your website to have a testimonial front-end form with the help of a shortcode. Your existing or previous clients can simply fill the form to get their testimonials posted on your WordPress website. Here is how the form looks like:

3. 20+ Slider and Grid Designs

Your WordPress website can get access to 20+ slider and 20+ grid designs with a feature-rich and reliable WP testimonial plugin. Displaying your text and video testimonials is more than fun with our testimonial slider plugin. 

Because we are offering some extraordinary features, we have a booming user base with a download of 115,088+. Nevertheless, our active users are 10K+, who are currently using the WP testimonial slider plugin for showcasing their client testimonials in style.

4. Compatible with your Favorite WordPress Themes & Page Builders

Most WordPress users are concerned about the compatibility of downloading and installing the testimonial plugin WordPress. But here is good news awaiting you!

WP testimonial plugin is compatible with the popular WordPress themes and page builders. Hence you need not worry while installing it on your WordPress site. Indeed, you get seamless integration with your favorite page builders. 

5. Easy and Quick to Manage

So, most WordPress users are worried about utilizing the plugin and maintaining it with the latest updates. So, I would like to help you with one more piece of news that you get a powerful shortcode builder with the WP testimonial plugin. Using the shortcode, creating the live preview of your testimonial plugin is relatively quick and easy. All you need to do is copy and paste the shortcode for displaying it on the website. 

Also, read!

WordPress websites get a lot more functionalities and versatility with the help of different WordPress plugins and widgets. For helping your WordPress website with social proof, we allow you to download the testimonial plugin WordPress. For more details, please visit our official webpage and acknowledge different utility, inbound and slider plugins for your WordPress website.

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