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5 Best And Handpicked WordPress Timeline Plugins

5 Best & Handpicked WordPress Timeline Plugins

If you are seeking WordPress timeline plugins, then the quest stops right here. Timeline plugins enable you to present the history and tales of your company more engagingly.

A chronology on your about us page boosts the authenticity and dependability.

Adding a timeline plugin to your WordPress blog is a fantastic method to exhibit and provide your website visitors with a one-of-a-kind experience.

It is also crucial to inform your target audience about the history of your company or product.

As a result, including a timeline widget WordPress on your website is advantageous. This kind of promotion allows visitors to learn about your website and get interested in it.

They would also be interested in knowing what you have accomplished in the past, and in such instances, they would be quite interested in browsing through a timeline slider on your website.

If you’ve never heard of a timeline plugin, what exactly are they?

Your website may benefit from the usage of a WP timeline plugin.

It’s an excellent approach for firms to showcase their online history. A startup, on the other hand, may utilize it as a roadmap.

An individual working for themselves may use this as an online portfolio, while a company looking for new employees can use this as an online résumé.

It is possible to create a distinctive area on your website by using WordPress timeline plugins.

In addition, timeline plugins may create more interactive experiences in which visitors can engage with a website to learn more about the timeline.

As long as you have a solid WordPress timeline add-on, you may create a comparable timeline section.

1. Timeline and History Slider

WordPress Timeline History Slider Plugin
WordPress Timeline Plugin

It’s one of the greatest WordPress timeline plugins for creating a timeline. To use it for free, you’ll need a restricted number of resources.

Timeline & History Slider offers enough features to construct a simple timeline on your site.

For more experienced WordPress users and those that employ shortcode parameters, this plugin is ideal. Selecting categories and setting a post limit are all part of this process.

Key Features:

  • Touch-enabled operation for easy navigating.
  • The Timeline and History Slider plugin has a completely responsive design.
  • Design, template, slide show, and more may all be customized with shortcodes
  • The horizontal and vertical timeline configurations in the premium edition number over a dozen.

Timeline and History Slider Pro is an advanced WordPress timeline plugin that you can Check Pro demo and download now!

2. Cool Timeline

You may have access to more complex features and timeline layouts, including some that are tailored exclusively for businesses, by using the Cool Timeline plugin.

Timeline layouts for various events, corporate histories, and personal accomplishments are all available in the program. How Cool Timeline can assist you in creating a professional timeline for your website is shown below.

The design category contains a range of layouts. Using Clean Layout, for example, you may create basic yet visually appealing timelines. Alternatively, you may choose between a horizontal or vertical timeline.

However, Cool Timeline has a great deal of versatility and customization choices for all sorts of timelines.

Key Features:

  • Using the Cool timeline slider, you can build a vertical timeline on either side of the page.
  • Depending on your preference, you may display your timeline picture in a pop-up or link to the entire article.
  • German, French, Indonesian and Italian translations are available.
  • The free version has five or more timeline designs, whereas the Pro edition has more than 40.
  • For those with a darker complexion, the premium version supports both light and dark skin tones.

3. Timeline awesome

An excellent timeline widget WordPress, Timeline Awesome, enables you to build a Timeline or History interface on your WordPress website.

It is a simple application and takes just two steps to build a visually appealing timeline interface on your computer.

These WordPress timeline plugins are appropriate for those needing vertical or horizontal timeline components in your WordPress website.

It is your good fortune to have arrived at the right website if you are looking for a simple approach to make a timeline and do not want to spend time and money doing so.

Key Features:

  • Templates for 15+ timelines.
  • More than 100 design variations are available.
  • Create as many timeframes as you like.
  • Change the colour of your title and theme.
  • It’s a timeline plugin that works well on mobile devices.
  • Typography may also be altered to your liking.

4. News & Blog Designer Pack

The Blog Designer Pack may come in helpful when developing a magazine or personal blog for your website. Blog Designer Pack allows you to display WordPress articles in a variety of styles.

This WordPress timeline plugin may also be used to design a website for a news magazine.

It is most suitable for:

  • Design of a blog page and a blog website.
  • Design of a news page and a news website.
  • Website design for a magazine.
  • Carousel with Post Slider
  • The most recent post hero banner design.
  • Treading (Most Popular) and Featured posts
  • Design of a timeline post.
  • Designs for a Category / Taxonomy Grid and a Slider.

5. Blog Designer

Because it has a specialized news and timeline template, the WordPress timeline plugin Blog Designer may also be considered a subcategory of the plugin.

This WordPress history timeline add-on has been specifically created to create efficient and spectacular timelines for your website.

Furthermore, if you upgrade to the pro edition, you will access even more timeline layouts.

You may quickly customize the backdrop colors to suit your preferences and requirements without having to go through any complicated procedures.

Additionally, it is a cross-browser-compatible plugin, which allows your timeline to be shown on any web browser, regardless of the browser used.

Key Features:

  • Options for Page Selection
  • Options for Post Categories and Tags
  • Colour Options for the Background
  • Ready for Custom CSS Translation

Wrap Up

In this complete guide to WordPress timeline plugins, we’ve concluded. Top-notch features help you build a dynamic timeline for your site with WordPress Plugins.

Finding the finest timeline plugin for your website may be a challenging undertaking. It’s much more challenging for those just getting started in the business and aren’t acquainted with the ins and outs.

In our view, all of these WordPress timeline plugins can create a visually appealing and completely working timeline for your site. If you have any queries regarding WordPress timeline plugins, write to us at [email protected]

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