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5 Best WooCommerce Booking and Appointment Plugins

eCommerce store entrepreneurs have a difficult task in scheduling and managing appointments. If you don’t have a proper online booking system, things might go awry on your site. There are WooCommerce booking & appointment plugins that may assist you in building a strong booking system.

The WooCommerce booking plugin will allow you to set up registration surveys, schedules, and email notifications, essentially doing all of the work for you, saving you time and effort.

5 Best WooCommerce Booking and Appointment plugins

Use plugins for WooCommerce booking & appointments. You’ll be able to connect your calendars with other services like Google Calendar and enable customers to pay using PayPal.

We will be discussing 5 WooCommerce booking plugins in this post, which will make the booking process appointments for services, product demonstrations, etc., easier for your customers.

1. Countdown Timer Ultimate

This WooCommerce booking & appointment plugin may be used to highlight significant accomplishments, anniversaries, future events, and other milestones.

Websites, events, and product launches may benefit from using it as a countdown timer, while offers and discounts can be used as an expiration date. The WooCommerce booking plugin is also compatible with WooCommerce and EDD coupons, and it allows you to show the expiration date of coupons.

WordPress Countdown Timer Ultimate is a straightforward, sleek, and completely responsive WooCommerce appointments plugin that is also mobile-friendly.

Countdown Timer Ultimate has a plethora of functions, styles, and styling, and it is always being updated with new and amazing features to enhance your plugin and website experience.


  • A countdown timer for WordPress that is completely responsive.
  • Countdown timers may be created infinitely.
  • Countdowns may be added to pages and posts.
  • Also works with the Gutenberg block’s shortcodes.
  • The ability to modify the color and width of the backdrop.
  • The ability to modify the color and width of the revolving circular backdrop.
  • Depending on the user’s preference, days, hours, minutes, and seconds may be renamed or displayed/hidden.
  • Color options for hours, minutes, seconds, days are available.

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You may use Popup Anything to obtain more users, boost sales, and develop your company by using it.

Your WordPress blog or website may benefit from a powerful modal popup that you can control. You may create an infinite number of popups using your settings.

This WordPress Popup Plugin for WooCommerce booking & appointment, Popup Anything on Click, enables you to customize your popup windows to your heart’s content. To set the Popup position, you may choose from one of the following options: centre, top left/top right/bottom left/bottom right, center-left/center-right, or bottom-left/bottom-right/center-right.

You may use the Popup anything on click plugin to include any kind of content in your Popup. You can add a popup to any web page or blog post in only a few mouse clicks.


  • Unlimited popup creation and management
  • Customize the Popup’s appearance and feel.
  • Customize the animations you use
  • Popup Streaming Demos
  • There are nine distinct positions for a popup window.
  • Popup in Full Screen
  • The popup shortcode
  • Popups appear while the page is loading.
  • Popups appear when you click on it.
  • Popups in the form of HTML
  • Images appear in a popup window
  • Dimensions of the Popup
  • Popups that respond to the user

3. WooCommerce Easy Booking Plugin

Sugar Calendar is a WooCommerce booking & appointment plugin that’s easy to use but packs much punch. Sugar Calendar makes it simple to book events, collect fees for appointments, and do a whole lot more with your calendar.

Easy to set up, and many customization possibilities are included in the package. You may set start and finish times, add locations, assign particular time zones, arrange appointments into categories, and create recurring events in your calendars.

Sugar Calendar may also be synced with Google Calendar or iCal to help you streamline your daily tasks.

Your site’s front-end calendars may be shown in a matter of seconds. Four distinct event calendar widgets may be used in any post or page, as well as a shortcode option.


  • An admin interface that is quite easy and comfortable to use
  • Translation-ready date formatting and custom date formatting
  • Display settings for the front-end
  • Stripe and WooCommerce may be used to accept online payments.

4. Bookly

This WooCommerce appointments plugin, Bookly, is free. Payments may be made through credit card or PayPal, and reservations can be automated.

As your company expands, you may convert to premium versions or subscribe to add-ons, making it the most scalable software.

On every device, the online planner works well. Customers may schedule appointments by selecting a time and entering their personal information. After that, it’s instantly added to your calendar for scheduling appointments.

Reminders will be sent to them through email or text message when the specified date/time approaches.


  • Customers may book using any device.
  • The booking form is responsive.
  • sending yourself a kind reminder through email or text message

5. Easy Appointments

Utilize this WooCommerce booking plugin to make arranging appointments in your WooCommerce store a breeze.

If you have a lot of locations, services, and workers, This WooCommerce booking & appointment plugin is a smart choice. Even if you have many calendars, you may create separate calendars for each one and sync time slots across them.

The client and admin users may be notified through email when a booking is made.


  • A variety of shapes may be altered.
  • Calendars that are well-known to the general public
  • Email and text message alerts
  • Incorporation of PayPal

Wrap Up

We hope this advice was beneficial in assisting you in your quest for the finest WooCommerce bookings and appointment plugins for your specific requirements. 

If you want to expand your WooCommerce store and need help in terms of customization using WooCommerce booking plugins, contact us here.

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