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5 Best WordPress Footer Slider Plugins in 2021

Aren’t you aware of website footers? 

Specifically, WordPress footers? 

An inconceivable website would exist without a footer since the footer is a distinctive section on your website where you may show many essential elements.  For that, you must have the best footer plugin WordPress. 

While we talked about important sections and elements, it included the company’s social media widgets, other helpful links, social networking widgets, a subscription form, the company logo, an about us section, contact forms, etc. You may also include Google advertising, essential trackers such as Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, and so on.

Though every theme has a footer, modifying or building a customized new footer would be tough because you would have to put codes into the theme’s PHP files. However, in this day and age, you do not need to write a single line of code to build or modify the footer. Just have the WordPress footer plugins for your site.

To design a wonderful footer, click and drag plugins to Website Builder and import themes or your Code Snippets. However, a better footer plugin WordPress is required to build and modify the footer.

There are instances of websites that feature an outstanding footer area, both style and usefulness. Many companies utilize this area to link visitors to other websites or products that they manage.

Top 5 WordPress footers to look for in 2021

A well-designed footer area may completely alter the entire appearance and feel of the site, making it seem extremely professional. In this article, we’ve selected the best footer plugin WordPress, and these plugins will undoubtedly help you improve the appearance of your website.

1. Royal Footer Bar

This is one of the most adaptable WordPress footers plugins. The Royal Footer Bar is versatile in its use.

You may add an infinite number of notification bars to your site and configure them for various purposes. Create an infinite number of advertising footer bars, opt-in bars, and notification bars for your website.

Displaying notification bars for your unique offers may be a powerful strategy to boost your content and income. A properly placed bar may immediately catch your visitor’s attention.

You may use this footer plugin WordPress as your WordPress site’s email subscription plugin by placing an opt-in form in the footer area. This footer slider WordPress plugin will constantly keep you informed of your site’s overall statistics, including the number of clicks, click-through rate, and total conversion.

It is one of the best WordPress footer plugins, which allows you to add and show different widgets in a grid layout with many columns. This is the most effective custom grid management footer for adding elegance to your WordPress blog or website.

If your footer includes a substantial quantity of information, you may decide that it is preferable to divide it into several subsections, each providing relevant information. If this is the case, the free plugin Footer Mega Grid Columns may assist you in implementing a grid layout in your footer with little code.

This bundle offered by Essential Plugin comes with 5+ layouts that can improve the look of your website. This plugin can be your go-through footer slider WordPress plugin.

You can now create your unique grid in the Footer Mega Grid Columns section with the Pro version when installing the footer plugin WordPress. You can also set your background, header, text, and link colors.

3. Ultimate Footer Builder

Ultimate Footer Builder is a footer plugin WordPress for the famous Visual Composer plugin that allows you to create custom footers. You may build an infinite amount of designs for your footer area with this plugin.

It’s a completely responsive design that will give your footer the flexibility it needs. It’s a flash plugin that won’t slow things down the loading speed of your site. It has a lovely parallax effect, attractive social network buttons, and many other useful features.

4. Remove Footer Credit

You’ve undoubtedly seen — and maybe resented — the footer credit that displays across your website. Essentially, this is the credit that tells users that your site is “powered by WordPress.” Your users are interested in you, not your CMS, so who needs this distraction?

Install and activate the footer slider WordPress Plugin to remove this credit text without changing your code. Remove Footer Credit free program can remove the footer credit entirely, allowing you to replace it with your credit link if you like.

5. WP Subscribe

WP Subscribe is a free and trustworthy WordPress footer plugin that allows you to place email subscription forms on your site to increase email opt-in rates. 

You may use these WordPress footers to create subscription form widgets connected to MailChimp, AWeber, or Feedburner. These widgets may be put in your footer or wherever else you choose. You may also use custom CSS to make the subscription forms seem like they belong to your theme.

Wrap Up

We hope you now have a good understanding of the top WordPress footer plugins. Depending on your requirements, choose those from the list. Please carefully review the Top Features of each WordPress footer plugin to ensure that they meet your requirements. Try WordPress footers from EssentialPlugin. To know more about pricing, Click Here

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