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5 Breathtaking Product Size Chart Plugins for WooCommerce

Product size charts are indispensable to any online store. Having WooCommerce size charts for the products makes it easy for your customers to determine if the product of their choice has the size that fits them well. 

As you know that different brands offer products in varied sizes which leaves the customers perplexed about which product size to go for. 

Not having product size charts increases the chances of returns and needless to say it is a waste of resources for your online store. 

So, you got a state-of-the-art and conversion-oriented eCommerce store designed with mesmerizing features, but do not know how to get size charts for your products. 

The good news is that it is not at all as daunting a task as it may seem at first. Here’s a list of the top 5 and breathtaking product size chart plugins to get you started. 

1. YITH Product Size Chart Plugin 

Looking for a size chart creator plugin with comprehensive features? 

YITH is a stunning WooCommerce size chart plugin that works wonders for your store. The plugin enables store owners to design and customize their size charts with utmost ease. 

You can tweak the appearance as you please and also assign multiple size charts to a particular product if need be.

Place it at any location of your preference on the product detail page. 

More Features: 

  • Different display modes- popup, tab, and tabbed popup. 
  • Easy customization of colors and design styles. 
  • Shortcode and PHP code ready with other features such as TinyMCE editor. 
  • Create as many size charts as you want. 

Owing to its whole suite of features, Popup Anything is incredibly popular amongst WooCommerce store owners. Reduce wrong size selections and product returns by installing Popup Anything- the best pop size chart plugin in the market. 

It has lightbox popups, scroll boxes, page-level targeting, and clean UI features. As the name suggests, you can popup anything using this plugin. 

Immensely user-friendly Popup Anything enables you to create any type of content by using shortcodes, HTML, or images. This WordPress Popup Plugin offers 9 positions and 7 effects to choose from. Besides, tracking user events on clicks is a breeze with Popup Anything. 

More Features: 

  • Choose popup visibility according to your preferences. 
  • Enable or disable the adblocker popup. 
  • Cookie expiry time adjustment feature. 
  • Store impression data 
  • Allows you to enable or disable A/B testing campaigns. You can also create and customize the campaign title. 
  • Compatibility with all WordPress versions. 

3. Size Chart for WooCommerce by KoalApps

Allow your customers with comprehensive size charts to choose the best-sized products by using Size Chart for WooCommerce by KoalaApps. 

It is one of the most sought-after WordPress chart plugins in the market and makes customizing your product pages a cinch. This pop size chart plugin has a unique feature that helps detect the customer’s location. 

More Features: 

  • Display the size chart as a popup or tab. 
  • Flexibility to add as many size charts as you wish for brands and/or product categories. 
  • Edit the background or text color quite feasibly. 
  • Set up unit conversion. 
  • Modern features such as fit recommender to help customers choose the right product. 

4. Kiwi Sizing for WooCommerce 

Kiwi Sizing started its eCommerce journey on Shopify and soon caught on. It is an advanced size chart creator that is equipped with features such as a fit recommender. 

It is one of the best-rated WordPress chart plugins out there and more than 12k online stores are leveraging this pop size chart plugin to their advantage. The number of users is increasing exponentially every day. 

More features: 

  • Pre-designed templates to get you started in a jiffy.
  • Import size charts from images, web pages, and CSVs. 
  • Size charts with an automatic unit conversion feature. 
  • Various layout types such as image, video, multiple tables, and tabs. 
  • Automatic unit detection based on the customer’s location. 
  • A comprehensive set of tools to set up size recommender. 
  • Availability of three size recommenders- Advanced Apparel, Simple Generic Table, and Custom Recommender. 

5. WooCommerce Product Chart Sizes Table 

Create product size tables using this feature-rich size chart creator plugin. Whether you need to create tables for a specific product category or set of products, you can do so by using 

Create and assign multiple tables as per your preferences and needs. Also, you can display charts as a tab or modal window. 

More Features: 

  • Endless customization 
  • Create and edit tables as you please. 
  • Various customization options are at your disposal. 

Conclusion : 

Bounce rate, product returns, and cart abandonment have always been a major concern for WooCommerce stores. All of these can be avoided as the majority of times it happens when the customer is not able to find the right-sized product or orders the wrong-sized product. 

Make the most of these plugins and bid adieu to the above-mentioned WooCommerce business woes.

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