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5 Exclusive Social Proof Strategies That Work Like Magnetic Marketing

We all love social proof. 

Before buying any product or service, as a human, first, we follow the social proof. For sure, it helps to sell the brand faster and easier.

In 2021, we can assume that social proof works like magnetic marketing. Our Social Proof Strategies help engage more visitors and get the product sold at a faster rate. 

What is Social Proof?

Social Proof is an influence. It is beautifully explained in the book, Influence by a famous author, Robert Cialdini. It explains that people follow the crowd. The crowd and its opinion influence us. Hence, social proofs are not less than influencers. 

In 2021, many of us are addicted to Instagram reels and tik-tok videos. What are they? They are a kind of influence or examples of social proof that we have on our minds. We follow these influencers and also make one with the same zeel. We do it because we are following the crowd on these platforms. 

Hence, the concept of following the crowd works like magnetic marketing in any business. Likewise, for websites, the social proof is nothing else but reviews and ratings of the clients. Technically, we call it a WordPress Testimonial Slider.

What is a Testimonial or WordPress Review Plugin?

WordPress has got different types of plugins for extending the versatility of your website. The testimonial plugin WordPress is an example of social proof plugins. There are tons of testimonial plugins available for download on WordPress. But today, we shall discuss the super engaging WP Testimonial with Widget.

WP testimonial is the best testimonial plugin for WordPress and is developed by Essential Plugin. It has got 10K+ active installs offering 3 unique layouts and 15+ designs to the website owners. 

How Does it Work?

A testimonial plugin WordPress helps your website showcase your customers’ different reviews and ratings in various formats. The testimonials are either textual or in video formats for keeping your new customers engaged. 

Well, if we talk about how to successfully place the WP Testimonial with the Widget plugin on your website, we can end up saying that it is quick and easy. The website owner can build a powerful shortcode using the shortcode builder and paste the URL to activate the plugin on the website. 

5 Exclusive Social Proof Strategies to Win Your Customers

Apart from WordPress testimonial slider or plugin, there are many other ways to display social proof on your website. I have some exclusive top five social proof strategies to discuss here. 

So, let’s jump to the strategies.

1. Detailed Testimonials

When we say detailed testimonials, we refer to genuine customer reviews in either textual or video format. Video testimonials are a perfect magnet for attracting new customers. 

You can also add live customer testimonials on your website, which appear more genuine or authentic using the testimonial form. The WP Testimonial with Widget comes with a feature that allows website owners to present a live testimonial form on their website. Customers can fill the form to get their testimonials posted on the website. The feature is technically called as, testimonial front-end form. Read More About 5 Awesome Reasons for Installing the WordPress Testimonial Plugin

2. Partner Logos

Adding logos on your website is a must for helping your visitors know about your brand partners. It is again a type of social proof strategy that can be included in your existing marketing plan. 

Partner logos help the customer know about your brand’s partners, sister brands, or affiliations. It further acknowledges them with your brand’s current tie-ups and helps them build trust in your brand before buying any product or service.

Nevertheless, it is also an example of social proof. The logo display slider plugins are available on WordPress for both free and premium versions. 

3. Case Studies

Another great strategy of displaying social proof is publishing the client case studies. Case studies are detailed content on a particular client or product event. It includes all the information, such as challenges, solutions, and conclusions. 

Adding case studies to your website will also educate your clients on the technical aspects of your product or service. Indeed, it is also one of the best examples of social proof. 

4. Awards & Recognitions 

Awards and recognitions are pretty common types of social proof strategies. We all see websites update about their achievements on their homepage to attract more users. WordPress Plugins help websites display the award and recognition images or badges using a powerful shortcode builder tool.

5. Subscriber/Sale Counts

Lastly, the subscriber counts add a much more effect on the customer’s mind. For example, if you are buying a product online on any website, and it displays the number of sales of the product, it becomes easy to make a purchasing decision. Isn’t it?

For service, we can refer to the subscriber count, and for a product, we can refer to the sale count- but both strategies are beneficial for helping a customer make a quick purchasing decision. 

Don’t wait! Include Social Proof Plugin in Your Marketing Plan

Social proof is the best way to make your client believe in your products or services. Well, if you haven’t included it in your marketing plan, then you must not wait for more. Also, the WordPress testimonial slider plugin or widget is the best way to start with your social proof strategies. In the longer run, it will help with fruitful results.

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