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5 Most Popular Blog Niches To Explore In 2022

Blogging has become a popular profession to earn money. Prudent bloggers focus on creating niche-based content on popular and trending niches. If you are also wondering how to start a profitable blog, this post will serve as a good starting point. So without further ado, let’s dive right in. 

Understand the importance of blog niches

First things first! Why do you need to care about blog niches?

To build an audience, you must explore your strengths and find out the niche you are really good at writing about. You’d find bloggers who write on diverse blog niches and they are successful too; however, if you are looking to build an audience or rather community around your blog, you must try sticking to a particular niche. 

Let’s Take A Look At The Most Profitable Blog Niches

1. Health and Fitness

Health and fitness-related blogs have always interested people, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The popularity of health and fitness blogs skyrocketed during the post-pandemic era and they will continue to be popular. 

People love exploring and subscribing to the most popular blogs related to health and fitness niches. You can create diverse content rather than just sticking to blogging. You can offer free and paid training sessions and also make fitness videos depending on your forte and preferences. 

If you follow a strategic approach with this niche, you can make a handsome amount of money. 

2. Cooking 

Food recipes are loved by internet users and gourmands across the globe. It is not a pandemic-specific niche, but let’s face it. It became even more popular in the past 2 years, especially in times when people were confined to the walls of their homes. 

There are millions of recipes and diet-related blogs on the internet already, but it should not dishearten you. 

If you are creative and patient enough, you can make the most of this niche to make your name and money. Before you build a niche website or blog, you should carry out extensive research to find out what your audience likes to read about.

3. Digital Marketing

How can this possibly not be a popular blog niche?

All blogs, businesses, and websites revolve around digital marketing after all. The digital marketing industry is growing at a rapid pace every day. And statistics tell you the story. In the US, this industry touched the $155 billion mark in 2021. 

Digital marketing is indispensable for businesses across the world as they need to expand their outreach. So, digital marketing makes for a good niche to write about. You have several options here ranging from social media management to affiliate marketing, SEO, and email marketing to name a few. Here, you might like to read more about Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2022.

If this sounds new to you, again the best way is to start from scratch and read the most popular blogs related to the digital marketing niche. 

4. Fashion and Lifestyle 

Fashion and lifestyle is a popular niche that interests both genders. 

If you are a fashionista yourself, then there is no better niche for you. You can write on trending clothing styles and accessories and make an impact on the digital space. 

You can create online videos or choose to just blog about the latest styles. Focus on creating engaging content that turns visitors into subscribers. Here you must bear in mind that your content must be interesting but presentable too. In fact, that goes for every niche.  

So, how to make your blog content presentable? 

Here is an easy way out. If you are a WordPress user, you can simply leverage easy-to-install and use WordPress plugins that would take your content presentation to the next level. 

5. Finance and Investment 

Like fitness and cooking, finance & investment is another evergreen blogging niche. As a finance blogger or rather an advisor, you can help people find better ways to build wealth. 

It might look hardcore technical at first, but if you spare some time to research well, you’d understand what it takes to write an informative and engaging blog. 

5 Breathtaking WordPress Plugins You Must Use In Your Blog

1. Blog Designer: Post and Widget 

Blog Designer - Post and Widget
Blog Designer – Post and Widget

So once you have finalized your blog niche, it is time to make your blog stand out to capture the attention of your visitors. Blog Designer: Post & Widget is a highly recommended plugin that allows you to showcase your blog posts in a fancy way. 

You can show the blog posts in slider and carousel form in a hassle-free manner. Display the author’s name, blog category, and date on your blog posts. There are several other features you may want to make the most of. 


  • Autoplay interval controls
  • Enable or disable sticky posts
  • Display tags
  • Slider scroll controls
  • Pagination option 

2. Featured Post Creative

Featured Post Creative
Featured Post Creative

As the name suggests this Featured Post Creative plugin enables users to add featured posts to the pages or blog posts using shortcodes. There are 2 shortcodes and 1 one widget at your disposal and you can showcase your featured posts in an engaging manner. 

Control how many posts you want to display with sheer ease and assign categories to all your posts.


  • Display the author’s name. 
  • Adjust image height 
  • Show your posts in ascending or descending order
  • Featured posts grid, grid box, slider, and carousel view
  • WP Bakery page builder support
  • Mobile-ready and multilingual support 

3. Post-Ticker Ultimate

Post Ticker Ultimate
Post-Ticker Ultimate

Display your posts with different effects such as horizontal, vertical, and fade. Grab the attention of your visitors by showcasing blog posts in an engaging fashion. There are many other features of this amazing Post Ticker Ultimate plugin and you must certainly give it a try. 

More features: 

  • Add categories
  • Choose font color and title color
  • Adjust font style as per your preferences
  • Limit the number of blog posts you intend  to display
  • Autoplay settings

4. Trending/Popular Post Slider and Widget 

Popuplar Post Slider and Widget
Popular Post Slider and Widget

Build a niche website by leveraging the massive potential of Trending/Popular Post Slider and Widgets. Let your audience not miss the most popular or trending posts on your website by simply showing the most-read posts using a shortcode. 

With plenty of display choices such as grid, carousel, widget, and grid block you can take your website’s appeal to another level. 

More features: 

  • Shortcode ready 
  • Fully responsive 
  • Display author-name 
  • Adjust autoplay and autoplay interval
  • Adjust slider speed
  • 20 prebuilt designs
  • Supports Gutenberg 

5. WP Responsive Recent Post Slider/Carousel 

WP Responsive Recent Post Slider/Carousel
WP Responsive Recent Post Slider/Carousel

Feed your audience with quality content by showing recent posts in WP Responsive slider and carousel forms. Display as many recent posts as you want in slider and carousel format. It supports Gutenberg so the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity and technical finesse as far as this plugin is concerned. 

More features: 

  • Pagination and arrows. 
  • Recent post slider with 25 elegant designs. 
  • Visual composer support. 
  • Supports all page builders such as Beaver, Elementor, Gutenberg, and DIVI to name a few. 


The niches mentioned in this post are the most profitable blog niches. There are several other niches you can research on the internet and pick the one that interests you the most. For more information related to blog niches, feel free to connect with us.

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