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5 Reasons Why You Should Opt-In For Popular WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins have a huge importance and impact on the creation and enhancement of WordPress websites. Plugins can be of many types, serve different purposes and have different features necessary for the website. But not all plugins are made in the same way, every plugin is made using different codes, patterns, for different website features and website purposes. So how should one choose plugins for their website? Plugins aren’t just merely an add-on to your website but they make sure that your website is properly functioning. 

Popular plugins have a benefit over the other plugins in terms of a lot of aspects which automatically makes it a better choice over the others. I have listed some benefits of choosing popular plugins and how exactly will they be beneficial for your WordPress website. 

1. Clean and transparent coding

2. Regular and constant update

3. Improved and better services

4. Better customer support

5. Guaranteed work done

Let’s discuss these benefits in detail as to why you should make a choice of choosing such plugins for your online website presence. 

1. Clean & transparent coding

It is very important for a website to have plugins which are compatible with other plugins, themes and work properly with the latest updates of WordPress. For plugins to work efficiently and effectively, they need to be coded cleanly so that they don’t create any issues within any given situation. 

Popular plugins have been made by a team of WordPress Experts who are experienced enough to make clean plugins with clear codes. That makes it better than the other plugins which haven’t been tested out enough times on different scenarios. 

When you download plugins which can be compatible with each other, you won’t be facing problems with website crashing and data overloading. 

2. Regular & constant update

Popular WordPress Plugins have a very huge team of WordPress developers who strive to constantly provide you with better and frequent plugin updates. With the support of an expert team, they will be able to deliver new and added features to the plugin with an instant and regular update cycle where new features are introduced, certain issues are resolved or they are made compatible with the latest releases of WordPress. 

3. Improved & Better Services

Popular plugins can’t just become popular without having either breakthrough features or providing the best services. It takes extreme efforts, work and intel behind making a plugin so the plugin is already functioning well when it comes to features.

So when you download a plugin which is already flourishing in the WordPress community, you are already given a feature rich plugin with updates, support and necessary requirements but on the other hand, downloading a plugin with poor plugin support, slow updates and limited features and options will be a liability for your website. 

4. Better Customer Support

With constant and increasing active installs and plugin download, there will most definitely be a surge in the plugin users due to its popularity. And this will lead to managing the customers and any problems they face regarding the plugins. 

It becomes a necessity of the plugin team to provide complete and constant support to the customers as it totally affects the credibility of the plugins and the future potential users. You should download the plugins which have great customer support and 24/7 help when needed. 

5. Trust & Reliability

The more popular the plugins are, the more trustworthy it has to be for it to flourish in the WordPress community. Heavy websites with a huge database are being managed by a team, when it relies on some plugins for its features, those plugins have to work properly without crashing or creating compatibility issues with other plugins or themes.

The plugins which have been tested by many users and which have good ratings made it possible with the trust they implanted in their users. The plugin users are now reliable on these plugins for their website. 

Final Thoughts

It isn’t necessary that you should only opt for popular plugins or the plugins with a good healthy number of active users and installs and ratings. Sometimes, a simple and less known plugin can have your job done too. But the plugins with a good reputation can have enriched features with great plugin support. 

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