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Best WordPress Booking Plugins to Run Your Business Appointments

Do you have a system in place to schedule appointments for your clients? The ability to make an appointment on your website is essential if you want your customers to feel comfortable with your service. 

As a business owner, giving online booking is an excellent marketing strategy. WordPress booking plugins are the way to go if you own a WordPress site. 

You could then wonder: Which best WordPress appointment plugin for companies might help me arrange appointments? Here is the full article which can solve your problem.

Have a Look at these Best WordPress Booking Plugins for Business Appointments

Using a WordPress Popup Plugin, Appointments may be stored in your WordPress database or a calendar software like Google Calendar with the help of a suitable appointment booking form. Sending a confirmation email to consumers after their approved reservation may also be useful.

The following are among some of the best WordPress booking plugins for your website.

1. Bookly

Bookly - WordPress Booking Plugins
WordPress Booking Plugins

Bookly is the most popular WooCommerce booking & appointment plugin. Because of the near-impossible degree of customization available, it is one of the most outstanding WordPress booking plugins ever. 

One of the most critical features is synchronizing with G Suite. It is possible to add an infinite number of services to a calendar for mobile customers who schedule appointments using a mobile device. Your clients may be notified through email or SMS whether an appointment has been authorized, pending, or canceled.

Brooklyn’s WordPress appointment scheduling plugin provides an excellent user experience. The colors of the front booking calendar may also be changed to fit the colors of your website. 

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2. Popup Anything – A Marketing Popup

WordPress Popup Plugin
WordPress Popup Plugin

With a total of nine positions and seven effects, this best WordPress appointment plugin will allow you to create an eye-catching popup on your WordPress website. Insert any form of content into your Popup with the help of the Popup Builder plugin.

Popup Anything on Click is the most popular “popup on click” plugin on, with more than 320,000 downloads and 50,000 active installs to date.

The WordPress popup plugin has several advantages:

  • The popup window may be opened by clicking on a link, picture, or button on the page.
  • Display subscription forms with a variety of eye-catching popups.
  • Use clicks events to monitor user activity.
  • Customizable design choices for opt-in forms with Popup Anything on Click.
  • Thousands of WordPress users have put their trust in this plugin.
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3. Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar Plugin
Booking Calendar WordPress Plugin

There are few better free WordPress booking plugins than Booking Calendar. One of the most intuitive applications available. The calendar will be visible to perhaps you and your visitors concurrently. Appointment/reservation forms may be incorporated into any Blog or website.

Despite its simplicity, the WordPress appointment scheduling plugin has various parameters that may be modified via the plugin’s Settings page. Captcha protection, email alerts, jQuery effects, and more are all built-in.

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4. Easy Appointments

Easy Appointment Booking Plugin
Easy Appointment Booking Plugin

Booking appointments with WordPress Plugin Easy Appointments is simple, versatile, and completely free. Adding various locations, services, and staff is a breeze with this app. Flexible connections with calendar granularity may therefore be created. Additionally, you may use this WooCommerce booking & appointment plugin to create custom required fields for the template.

The plugin may be used on any post or page to include an online appointment form. The plugin’s notification emails to customers, employees, and the website administrator may also be customized.

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5. WPForms

WPForms WordPress Booking Plugin

WPForms is the best WordPress appointment plugin. It has a drag-and-drop form builder that makes it easy to design any form in a matter of minutes for beginners.

Using Zapier, you can connect WPForms to Google Calendar. However, you cannot configure working hours. WPForms may develop a custom booking form if you already have it installed. 

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6. WP Simple Booking Calendar

WP Simple Booking Plugins
WP Simple Booking Plugins

If we talk about the WordPress popup plugin, WP Simple Booking Calendar is also very simple. Users may only reserve a full day in advance. In other words, there aren’t any specific time windows allotted every hour.

When it comes to rooms, lodging, or other per-day options, this plugin does all you need it to. Please look at the WordPress booking plugins we suggested before for more sophisticated stuff.

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7. Booked

Booked - WordPress Booking Plugin
Booked – WordPress Booking Plugin

For WooCommerce websites, booked is one of the finest and most straightforward WooCommerce booking & appointment plugins available. You can connect it with your eCommerce business and use it in various ways to make the most of your store’s resources. 

It’s possible to build numerous calendars, each with a different set of time slots, and then assign them to the appropriate resource using the Booked plugin. You may even allow non-registered guests to make reservations at your shop using this feature.

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8. WooCommerce Bookings And Appointments

WooCommerce Bookings And Appointments

WooCommerce Bookings & Appointments is a powerful plugin that allows you to convert your time, products, or services into Bookable Resources. This plugin allows service providers & businesses of all types to easily integrate & empower their WooCommerce website with a booking solution. 

This plugin helps to sell bookings by the minute, hour, day, or month & choose how many bookings to allow per time slot. You can set minimum and maximum booking durations & allow users to edit and cancel bookings, within a minimum period before the appointment.

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All right, there you have it—the best WordPress Booking plugins to manage your business appointments. There are a lot of great WooCommerce booking & appointment plugins out there, and all of them are simple to use. 
Those setting up an online store may want to consider the WordPress popup plugin. For additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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