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7 Inspiring WordPress Carousel Examples in 2022

If you want to display customer reviews, your most recent blog articles, your finest photographs, or other material on your site, all you need to use is a WordPress carousel plugin.

Slider-like features may be referred to in a variety of ways. Many of the most frequent terms for carousel samples are undoubtedly familiar to you: slider, carousel, slideshow, and showcase. Many people refer to anything that resembles a slider as a “slider.” You can learn more about 7 Inspiring WordPress Animated Carousel Examples in 2022.

Some people differentiate sliders based on their appearance. They use the term “slider” to refer to the element that only shows one picture at a time. A beautiful carousel is a name given to those sliders that display many slides next to one other. 

This article’s subject is the image carousel examples, which show many slides at once. In addition, we’ve put up a collection of stunning WordPress carousel examples.

What is a WordPress carousel, and how can you utilise one to your advantage?

WordPress-built carousels are referred to as WordPress carousels. WordPress Plugins are often used to develop them. A slider or carousel may be created with any number of plugins. Moreover, there are several free choices to pick from.

Choosing a free slider plugin for your website is not a simple task. Choose the most active installations, the best rating, and customer support. More than 20,000 active instals on have been recorded for Essential Plugin’s WP Slick Slider and Image Carousel. 

WordPress Slick Slider

WordPress Slick Slider lets you build fully configurable and device-friendly slick picture sliders with various slider and carousel options. An infinitely looping WP Slick Slider and carousel plugin are 100 % responsive and swipe-enabled.

Our plugin may be navigated using the arrow keys, dots, arrows, and so on. The header of your website might also have an image slider.

WordPress Carousel: 7 Stunning Examples

Read on if you want to add a WordPress Carousel to your site but aren’t sure where to begin. To help you get started, we’ve gathered nine stunning carousel examples. 

This Product Carousel template has a fresh design thanks to soft pastel hues. It has a product picture on the left and a second one when the mouse is pressed in. 

The item’s name, category, and price are shown underneath the product picture. Full-width sliders are ideal for placing as the focal point of your store’s homepage. This can be done using the following plugin.

Meta slider and Carousel with Lightbox

WordPress Meta Slider provides you with the most user-friendly plugin interface to build stunning slideshows on your WordPress site. 

With the Meta Slider WordPress Plugin, you can add a gallery meta box to every post or page on your WordPress site. Post a light-box slider-enabled picture gallery to show off your work.  

2. Carousel displaying logos

You may use this beautiful carousel to show off your most recent posts. Featured images, titles, publication dates, and tags may all be displayed in this way.

You may use the plugin mentioned above. Read more details about Top 7 Must-Have Logo Showcase Plugins for WordPress.

3. Carousel having full width for product display

Slides in a product slider tend to look similar, except for the text that appears on each one. To put it another way, the colours and the sequence of the content are the same. Make your carousel samples stand out from the crowd by using different-looking sliders. 

A slider showing three things from each of your other product categories, for example, is an option. You may then add a slide that isn’t related to the product between them. For example, a slide encourages visitors to browse the rest of the category.

4. Carousel displaying client testimonial

For every company, displaying client testimonials is essential. Customers need to ensure they work with the most outstanding possible product, service, and business. An excellent technique to present testimonials is using image carousel examples to organise them. You can learn more about The Importance Of Testimonials On A WordPress Website

5. Carousel displaying product in a box

Carousel for displaying your items in a contemporary approach. Products may be shown off in a slide-out product image. 

While providing a hint about the object, this technique also draws attention to the item. Make sure to include the product’s name, category, and price in your product slider.

6. Product Showcase

Traditional WordPress carousels are known to most people. They like them because they allow for more goods to be shown side by side. Customers will like the Product Showcase slider since it functions similarly. 

However, using a showcase slider rather than a carousel has several benefits. The slide in the middle is the centrepiece of the exhibition. Consequently, buyers will have a clear idea of which aspects of a product need their immediate attention. 

7. Slider showing top 5 products

Only one product may be shown at a time on the slider for the “Top 5 Products” section. Additionally, the product slide takes nearly the entire screen on all devices. In other words, this isn’t a typical WooCommerce carousel in any sense of the term. 

However, this is just one of the benefits of using this beautiful carousel, which helps your website stand out from the crowd. This is further enhanced by using a huge product picture, which helps it stand out. With only one product at a time, there is enough room to display all the relevant information.

Wrap Up

Take advantage of the WordPress carousel on your website, and don’t be frightened! The usage of carousels and other types of sliders is a terrific way to add visual interest to your website. 

If you haven’t tried Meta Slider and Carousel with Lightbox & WP Slick Slider and Image Carousel from Essential Plugin with the other plugins, “Essential Plugin Bundle”, then It is the right time to do so. 

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