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8 Popup Types to Boost Your Conversion Rates Exponentially

Website conversion calls for the right marketing tools and one of the most effective tools is popups. If you use popups the right way, you can yield the desired results with sheer ease. Gone are the days when popups were considered to be intrusive and truth be told, like any other tool, you need to use it in the right way. 

Popups have extremely useful features that boost conversion rates by a fair margin. Below are listed some of the major features of popups. 

Benefit #1- Capture emails

Popups can be used to capture emails for targeting sequences. You can create a trigger on the basis of the page, amount of time spent on the page, scroll, inactivity, and much more. 

When a user submits its details via popup, you grow your email marketing list for future campaigns. 

Benefit #2- Get user feedback 

Getting user feedback is a great way to strategize better. Popups play a crucial role in getting user feedback. They aid you in knowing what your target customers do or don’t like about your products or services. 

Benefit #3- Maximize views 

By having an enticing lead capture form in place, you can boost maximize your product views and boost conversion rates quite exponentially. You can share exciting promotional offers and redirect customers to a particular landing page. 

Let’s take a look at 8 popup examples and how you can use them to your advantage. So, let’s get the ball rolling. 

1. Time-delay popups 

There are a plethora of website popup examples and time-delay popups are one of them. Time spent on a particular page highlights the degree of engagement. These popups must trigger once the visitor has spent a certain amount of time on a particular page.

2. Exit-intent detection popups 

As the name suggests these popups are aimed at reducing the bounce rate and reducing cart abandonment. There are times when your visitors leave your product page without making a purchase. 

With a nicely designed exit-intent popup you can encourage your customers to stay on the site for longer and make the purchase by presenting exciting discount offers. Learn more about details Exit-Intent Technology Explained: How to Increase Conversions by Using Exit Intent Technology

3. Click popups  

Next up is click popups. 

Click popups are considered more effective in capturing leads than other popup types. These popups trigger when the customer clicks on a particular link(s). In the world of eCommerce, click popups are quite popular owing to their lead-capturing capability. 

4. Scroll popups 

Another important popup type is the scroll popup. 

As discussed earlier in the post, the time spent on your product page is a crucial signal of engagement. These popups trigger after the user has spent a considerable amount of time on your website and scrolled down, let’s say 25 or 50 percent. By having scroll popups, you can increase the chances of conversions. 

5. Entry Popups 

Another amazing popup example is the entry popup. 

As the name suggests these popups trigger when the visitor comes to your website and spends a few seconds there. Although rare, these popups are a great way to welcome your customers and give them an exciting offer in exchange for their email which they would do quite ecstatically. 

6. Appointment booking popups 

You can make the booking process more fun and interactive by having well-designed appointment booking popups. Capturing leads without being intrusive is an art and the biggest brands focus on creating enticing popups that trigger at the right time.  Learn more details about 5 Best WooCommerce Booking and Appointment Plugins.

7. Email sign-up form 

Email sign-up forms are simple sign-up forms; however, when designed well they can work wonders for you. 

If you have just started out in the ever-competitive eCommerce market, you will need to offer free goodies and discount offers to convince your customers. There are times when big brands do not need to do that. They can pull things off with simple but alluring email sign-up popups. So, website popup design is of utmost importance as well. Learn more details about Email Marketing Funnel: What it is and how to create one that’s effective?

8. Free learning resources popups 

Free learning resources work magically and you gotta trust us when we say this. You will find the big fish of the market doing that all the time. 

By offering free learning resources such as cheat sheets, eBooks, or courses you can always capture the interest of your customers and build a rapport with them. By leveraging these popups you can also redirect your customers to a particular page and boost conversions. 

Use a feature-rich plugin: PopUp Anything 

By using a popup plugin that is as efficient as PopUp Anything, you can skyrocket your conversion rates. This plugin takes away your conversion woes with a clean UI and plenty of features. 

Features of PopUp Anything 

  • Create different types of popups- adblocker, exit-intent, scroll, bar popup, and many others. 
  • Insert any content type including HTML, image, button, etc. 
  • Add campaign title and customize popup appearance
  • Customize display settings 
  • No coding needed
  • Create exciting offers
  • Enable or disable A/B testing 

Summing it up 

If you research a bit on the internet, you will find tons of pop-up examples and how astute marketers leverage them to their benefit. Whether it is a scroll pop, exit-intent detection popup, or scroll-down popup, you got to focus on timing too. 

If you need more information related to newsletter popup examples, feel free to touch base with our team of marketing gurus. 

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