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Annual Plans

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Why Promote Essential Plugin?

Earn Bonus Commissions on Referrals

You can earn extra bonus commissions to increase your payouts even more. You can check bonus chart below for a list of bonuses.

Easy & Powerful Ways To Earn

At our affiliate platform, we give 10% to 60% Commission so affiliates can earn powerfully and increase their efficiency in selling.

Partner-first Affiliate

Access to a friendly and dedicated Essential Plugin Manager ready to help.

Exclusive Affiliate Discounts

Essential Plugin offers exclusive, custom discounts and promotions you can offer to your audience.

Custom Creative & Landing Pages

Choose from pre-designed banners & landing pages, or take advantage of our custom co-branded assets.

Super-long Affiliate Cookies

Get credit for all Essential Plugin referrals made within 180 days or 60 days for any Bundle Plan.

Why ShareASale Affiliate Program?

ShareASale: Trusted Affiliate Marketing Network

ShareASale is a leading affiliate network for merchants, bloggers, and publishers. Established in 1999, and is one of the top networks in the world with over 2 million affiliates. The easy-to-use platform allows all types of content creators to monetize the website or platforms by partnering with their favorite brands. ShareASale offers high levels of traffic, high commissions, and processing speed and is easier to use, It has many tools available for its affiliates, such as ShareASale Affiliate Software, Home Page Mapping, and Breadcrumb links, and Reports. In addition, they have excellent customer service, where affiliates can contact ShareASale via email or phone.

Earn bonus commissions on your referrals

Essential Plugin rewards you for sending multiple referrals & commissions earned per month. If you send referrals and earn
up to $500, you can earn extra bonus commissions to increase your payouts even more. See the chart below for a list of bonuses and how they increase your earnings as your tier up.

Commission Bonus Total
$500 $40 $540
$1,000 $100 $1,100
$1,500 $150 $1,650
$2,000 $200 $2,200
$3,000 $300 $3,300

Powerful Affiliate Tools to Help You Succeed


Easy Start

Sign up and start referring today! Getting started is easy and we have prepared useful guides to help you.


Attractive Visuals

Use our fancy and ready-to-go banners and screenshots to help you guide and engage your audience.


Custom Creatives

Once actively referring, you can request a custom landing page or banner size to help convert traffic even better.


Detailed Tracking

Track performance of multiple campaigns separately and optimize your conversions based on what converts best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Terms and Condition

Essential Plugin reserves the right to decline payments, suspend accounts, and terminate any affiliate user account without notice. This may be due to one or several of the following reasons:

  • Providing false and/or misleading information about Essential Plugin discount codes.
  • Running paid search engine marketing campaigns (i.e. AdWords) on Essential Plugin brand-related keywords mentioned above.
  • Using link farms, spamming forums/websites, and/or taking part in any illicit acts to drive traffic towards your affiliate links.
  • Any terminated affiliate with pending payments for the current month will not be distributed. All decisions are final and account terminated or suspended will not be reversed.
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