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All About Email Countdown Timers

Countdown timers are proven highly effective in engaging your customer and making them purchase your product with the psychology of showing limited-time offers. Whether you put a countdown timer on a website, product or on email, if created correctly or highly effective then your countdown timer can perform any place you put it. 

In this blog, we will go through common questions about the countdown timer in emails-

2 Reasons To Place A Countdown Timer On Emails

Since you can just highlight the due dates in the document itself, why use an email timer? Yeah, you can do that, However using a live timer will be more striking and engaging. Here are 2 reasons for using email timers in your conversations.

1. Establish a sense of urgency

Everyone is aware of how critical good judgement becomes when a deadline approaches. Similar brain triggers are activated by a countdown timer.

The timer helps email marketers convey scarcity by implying that a given opportunity might not come around again in the future. As a result, those who would often skim such offers may be persuaded to buy.

2. Enhance Your Emails With Extra Style

Giveaways have a track record of boosting customer preferences research, brand engagement, and product exposure.

Also, by timing it properly, marketers may significantly raise the number of times their brand is seen on various social media networks. Nevertheless, because these offers seem too good to be true, your subscribers may choose to disregard such emails.

Yet, including a countdown timer in the email encourages FOMO and lends the offer a degree of legitimacy.

4 Efficient Ways To Use A Countdown In Email

1. Timers’ Position

It goes without saying that the timer should probably be placed at the top of the email. The customer notices it right away and realises that time is rapidly running short.

It can also be positioned at the copy’s centre. But regardless of position, make sure the timer is always visible above the fold. If the reader has to scroll down to see the timer, there is a strong possibility that they will miss it.

2. CTA Button Positioning

When using a GIF timer, the positioning of the CTA button is equally important. The CTA button determines how successful the copy is because these timers don’t have multiple uses.

3. Use realistic time frames

Be truthful when establishing the deadlines for your sales and activities. Your credibility will suffer if you merely utilise it to generate clicks by setting fictitious deadlines. If readers fall for your scam too often, they won’t be afraid to unsubscribe from your email list.

4. Limit Your Use of the Template

Moderation, as they say, adds harmony and freshness to your email marketing. The efficacy of the countdown timer will gradually decrease if it is used for every other seasonal sale or event.

Customers are now again perceptive enough to recognise such trends and will avoid responding to such communications in the future.

Example Of Some Countdown Timers

Here are some examples of how to utilise countdown timers to make your campaigns successful.

Special Offers
Special Offers
The lead-up to major events
The lead-up to major events
Offers of individualised discounts
Offers of individualised discounts
Templates for interactive emails
Templates for interactive emails
Email reminders
Emails for product launches

Steps To Place A Countdown Timer In Email

If you are familiar with the tools, making a countdown timer for your email should be simple.

  1. Choose the programme on which the HTML code for the live countdown timer will be written. 
  2. Several email marketing platforms provide capabilities that allow you to easily drag and drop a countdown timer onto your template.
  3. Decide on your offer’s deadline and time zone.
  4. By changing the countdown timer’s size, shape, and background colour, you may customise it.
  5. Create the snippet of code.
  6. Insert the code snippet into your marketing email by pasting it there.

Benefits Of Using Countdown Timer In Email

Benefit #1- Limited-Time Sales and Promotions

When promoting one-time deals and bargains, countdown timers are a godsend. You may quickly grab the customer’s attention by using a ticking clock and an attention-grabbing reminder email text.

Benefit #2-  A Feeling of urgency

As was already noted, email countdowns are frequently used to give customers a false sense of urgency and encourage them to act quickly. It allows you to take advantage of their FOMO and convince them to buy last-minute items.

Benefit #3-  Create Curiousness


We hope this blog answers your important questions and clears your doubts. Now we would like you to look at the ‘countdown timer ultimate’ plugin which offers great advanced countdown timers with several benefits. Download this countdown timer ultimate plugin and create it for your website, products or in emails.

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