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All You Want to Know About WordPress Lightbox Functionality

WordPress lightbox caught on due to the myriad of benefits it offers. Whether it is lightbox for text, gallery, or slider; you can elevate the user experience by leveraging this wonderful functionality. 

All major page builders such as Beaver and Elementor support the lightbox functionality for the same reason. If you are new to the lightbox and wondering what it is and how to use it, this post is for you. 

WordPress Lightbox Explained 

First things first! As the name implies WordPress lightbox opens a box or panel above your site when a user clicks on the image, link, or button. 

So, simply put it is an overlay that appears on the page viewed by the visitor. This functionality is aimed at providing a distraction-free and superlative user experience by causing the website to go out of focus or get darker.

As a WordPress user, you can install a good plugin to make the most of this functionality. The same goes for your page builder also. You can also optimize the user experience by using Beaver builder lightbox or Elementor Lightbox. If you are wondering about the benefits of using this feature, here’re a few advantages that might interest you. 

Advantages of WordPress Lightbox

1. Highly Customizable 

WordPress Lightbox is popular owing to its customizability. And when you use the right lightbox plugin, you can easily customize your content. For instance, if you are looking to add and style multiple images in a post or page, you can save yourself from the hard work of styling them one by one. 

We are going to discuss the best lightbox plugins in the market right now. 

2. Responsive Design 

Responsiveness is the need of the hour and these days no website can do well without it. When you use a lightbox, you do not have to worry about this aspect as the lightbox is highly adaptable and automatically adjusts to the design of the page. 

In a nutshell, whether the user is browsing your website on a Mac, phone, or Windows laptop, they do not have to make any adjustments to view it properly. 

As you know that mobile users have outnumbered desktop users, so it is essential to ensure that your website is responsive. 

3. Ease of Navigation 

Lightbox also facilitates ease of navigation and makes it fun for users which eventually causes them to stay on your website for longer. Again this helps in boosting conversions. 

So, since now you know how you can get benefitted from using the lightbox functionality, we will share with you the top 4 lightbox plugins you would fall in love with. 

Top 3 and Mindblowing Lightbox WordPress Plugins

1. Album and Image Gallery Plus Lightbox 

Album and Image Gallery Plus Lightbox 
Album and Image Gallery Plus Lightbox 

If you are looking for a lightbox plugin for WordPress album and gallery, you do not need to go beyond Album and Image Gallery Plus Lightbox. 

It brings tons of layouts and design options to your disposal. This WordPress album and gallery plugin are useful for every industry, particularly photographers who want to showcase their mesmerizing clicks with the outstanding album and gallery layouts. 

The plugin is quite intuitive and allows you to showcase images on your website in the grid, slider, and carousel format. Besides, if you were looking for a perfect Beaver builder lightbox or Elementor lightbox for that matter, this is the plugin to go for.  

More features: 

  • Album and gallery masonry layouts. 
  • 7 layouts and more than 15 design options for album grid and gallery grid each. 
  • Responsive lightbox albums. 
  • 100 percent multilingual support 
  • Easy integration with all page builders including Beaver, DIVI, Elementor, WPBakery, and Gutenberg to name a few. 
  • Custom CSS editor. 
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2. Meta Slider and Carousel with Lightbox 

Meta Slider and Carousel with Lightbox 
Meta Slider and Carousel with Lightbox 

Another stunning plugin that has been extensively used for WordPress by all and sundry is- Meta Slider and Carousel with Lightbox. 

Create eye-catching slideshows and add images/galleries on any page of your website in just a few seconds. Besides, there is a navigation slider to make the whole experience enjoyable for your visitors. There are plenty of other features of this phenomenal Meta Slider and Carousel with Lightbox – WordPress plugin which is listed below. 

More features of Meta Slider and Carousel with Lightbox 

  • Thumbnail navigation and adjustable width. 
  • Seamless integration with the most popular page builders such as DIVI, Elementor, VC Composer, Gutenberg, etc. 
  • Slider RTL support. 
  • 5 layouts and more than 15 designs. 
  • Drag and drop order change.
  • Custom CSS editor. 
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3. FooBox 


Foobox is a snazzy plugin that is equipped with a modern interface. It makes your website amazingly interactive with its out-of-the-box features. 

It is touted to be a social-friendly plugin owing to its whole array of social icons. Besides, it is quite compatible with various galleries such as Envira, Jetpack, and NextGen to name a few. Here is the best WordPress Plugin for your Business website.

More features of Foobox

  • Supports various content types such as YouTube, Vimeo, and even HTML. 
  • Display WooCommerce product images. 
  • Responsive lightbox. 
  • Table, numbered list, and bullet list options are also available. 
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If you haven’t used Beaver builder lightbox or any other lightbox till now, it is the right time to get started to beat the heat of the competition. There are plenty of plugin options for you; however, the plugins mentioned here are simply the best. 

If you need help with Beaver builder text editor not working or image beaver, feel free to connect with us. 

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