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Are you making these mistakes with your popups?

You know what a popup is and how it works but do you know what mistake you must be avoiding while building a popup?

A survey showed that more than 50% of people will leave a website if they encounter a pop up if that is too intrusive or annoying. While making your first popup for your website try not to commit such mistakes which sends your customer back from your website.

You might create issues for your own website if you never ever created popups. Many people do make one or two of these mistakes given below with their popups unknowingly. So it’s better to know about these mistakes beforehand so that you don’t waste your money, time and energy.

Let’s discuss about the common mistakes that one makes with their popups

Popup timing is the most important step and point to keep in mind. Generally, a popup should appear at 3.6 seconds after the user landed on your website.

The timing should be perfect because it might annoy your customer so first let them have a look at your website and then let a popup appear on the screen. Wrong timings will send your customer away.

2. Making it lengthy

Nobody wants to sit and read your lengthy popup. Firstly, it interrupts their attention and if it is lengthy then they will not even wait a second to leave.

So make sure to keep it short, straight, direct, and concise. Just write what you want to convey and try to use short words plus compelling words to catch their attention.

3. Long CTA

One should not commit to making a CTA long and invisible. The CTA is the actionable and functional button through which they will take action.

Keep on updating and refreshing your website so that they don’t face any technical glitches while clicking on the CTA. 

4. Poor Performing Popups

When you don’t have everything lined up properly, you are more likely to make your customers leave. For example- if you want them to click on CTA and then the landing page where you wanted them to see is not there and mistakenly you used some other page then your popup is of no use.

It must be in proper flow and you must check twice before finalising it. It is like losing a customer after they clicked on the CTA. It is painful, right?

5. Not being mobile friendly

Make sure to optimise your pop-up for mobile devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets). If a user visits your website via his/her mobile device and sees a popup that is not optimised, they will be discouraged from continuing to interact with your website.

6. Poor visuals

Ensure that the visuals used in your pop-up are eye-catching and visually appealing, as visuals are a key factor in the conversion rate of a pop-up.

7. Not providing value

Make sure to offer something of value to the user when displaying a pop-up on your website – such as free e-books, discounts, free consultations, and more.

An effective pop-up will be placed in a visible location where users are likely to find and interact with it.

9. Not having enough content

Pop-ups should provide sufficient information in order to ensure that users understand what is being presented to them.

So these are the most common mistakes that one can make so try avoiding it to create more effective and marketing vibe popup which benefits you.

10. Not Testing

Before you launch your popup, make sure to test it and make sure it functions as expected and delivers the desired message.

Your popup should have links, buttons and other input options for your users. This will improve the user experience and help you convert more leads.

12. Not Using Targeting

Make sure to customise your popup design and copy to fit the needs of specific types of users. By using targeting, you can increase the effectiveness of your popup and get more conversions.

13. Not Optimising for Speed

Popups can be disruptive and irritating, so it’s important to optimise them for speed. Make sure that your popup is loading quickly and doesn’t take too long to appear.

14. Not Paying Attention to Design

User experience and design are important when it comes to building a successful popup. Pay attention to the design of your popup and make sure it is attractive and looks great on every device.

I hope that now you are familiar with these mistakes and will not make any of the mistakes. For a better popup experience you can definitely use our ‘popup plugin’ so that you can have your popup ready with ease.

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