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Blogging is the real fun, Blog and Widgets keeps your business alive!

Well friends, we all know the ‘Blogging’ as reached to the next level in 2019. It is all about blogging about your business brand, services, products, feelings, holiday, complaints, issues, new launch, etc. Looking at the people’s craze of blogging, we have designed a customized plugin that is WP blogs and widgets.
With 10K plus active installations, WP blogs and widgets allow your WordPress website to have a blogging widget for publishing your blogs on the website.

“You get a separate blogging dashboard to create a new post, edit the post, publish or unpublished the post, manage comments and embed SEO settings with your blog post. In short, your admin menu gets a blog tab for managing all your blogging activities.”

Plugin Features

Many WordPress plugin development companies generally provide blog tabs, but with our brand, you can get the 120+ stunning and cool layouts. All you need to do is check out our PRO version of WP blogs and widgets. You can find both the FREE and PRO version download link in the description of this video.

  • The USP of this extraordinary plugin is its 50 unique designs for grid layout, 45 designs for slider and carousel layout and 25+ designs for the list, grid box and grid box slider layout.
  • Furthermore, it is accompanied by six unique widgets to utilize the different features of the plugin.

If you are looking to manage the blog tab on your own, this is the best and user-friendly plugin to download for enhancing your brand visibility through content. WP blogs and widgets is a fully responsive plugin with 100% multi-language feature. You can download it and get started with blogging.

Introductory Video on WP Blogs and Widgets
Click here to download the plugin

If you are a non-technical person, handling this blog tab is very easy. You can find the drag and drop post-order change with this plugin for arranging the blogs in the way you like. You can place the most controversial topic in the front and can arrange other topics accordingly.

When you download the plugin and activate it, you can find your website displaying the blogs in the design you prefer. It also has automatic slider animation and interval feature to set the slides of the blog posts.

Hope the video embedded with the blog post was useful in knowing about the features of the plugin, WP blog and widget.