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Case Study – PSD to WordPress Theme

PSD to WP Integration is the biggest challenge as it’s not that simple like naturally other projects done so we slice up the WordPress Development Process.

So, the First step we took is converting the PSD to Twenty Twelve Theme. After

WordPress Theme integration started the customization process.

Once the user starts login through their credentials first it checks in our database whether the user has created the account or not if YES then the user will be easily login in the website. If no then it will check at another server and data exist in other database or not if yes then it will store the data from another database to our current database.

Then we create the widget for the sidebar. On each page, there will be a dynamic different sidebar as per the design using different widgets.

We create the ranking page and display ranking data from the different server as per customer’s requirement

We create the search functionality that’s the most complex things and results are coming by the Ajax call

We created the custom pagination with ajax as on search we are searching very limited data from the server for display & on the click of again further that much data come till the end of data on click of next button.