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Create Wonderfully Designed Pop-ups Right inside Elementor Using Inbuilt WordPress Popup Builder

Popups are everywhere and business websites make optimum use of them all the time. Whether it is IT, travel or eCommerce popups are being profusely used in every industry. It is a myth needed to be debunked that WordPress popups are intrusive. Ill-designed popups often turn out to be a disaster as they are insanely distracting and annoying, but when designed well using a good WordPress popup builder, they are magic. 

Introducing Popular WordPress Popup Builder

If you are an Elementor user, there is good news for you. It has just launched its feature-rich popup builder that allows you to create enchanting popups that mesh well with the look and feel of your website. They are not intrusive at all, in fact, they attract customers and very well serve the purpose of placing them in there. 

By using this amazing WordPress popup builder you can create stunning popups inside Elementor itself. Whether it is customizing popups design including styling and layout, there are plenty of ultra-modern customization options. Besides, there are widgets and several mobile editing tools you cannot get enough of. 

For those who don’t know much about Elementor, it is one of the top-ranked website builders for WordPress. It is open-source and hence absolutely free. The website builder makes it easy to create visually rich, highly responsive, and functional websites. And all of this without having to know to code. 

So, coming back to Elementor’s popup builder. You must be wondering what’s the hullaballoo about this inbuilt Elementor popup builder. Let’s take a look. 

1. Popups Are an Intrinsic Part Of The Process 

The best part of using Elementor’s popup design builder is that it is not a separate interface you have to work with. 

It is an intrinsic part of the builder so you can let your creative juices flow and create popups that boost the conversion rates of your website quite drastically. 

So, bid adieu to boring, lackluster, and intrusive popups and leverage Elementor’s inbuilt popup builder to design popups that reduce the bounce rate of your website. 

2. It Is Quite Straightforward 

Elementor’s WordPress popup builder is pretty straightforward and doesn’t cost you a lot of time to create enticing pop-ups. 

You can easily customize the popup window and build it inside the window. 

Including targeting rules and conditions is also a cakewalk with Elementor’s popup builder. What more? 

You can also connect it with other site links and popup forms. 

Creating a popup is as easy as creating a webpage using the popup builder. From designing to inserting your desired content, every aspect of popup design is fairly easy. There are several features that allow you to customize your popups your way. 

Whether it is about adding WooCommerce products, using Elementor forms or  ACF custom fields, or even customizing the surrounding designs of your popups, the popup builder renders a high degree of control and flexibility. 

Not to say that standalone popup design plugins are not good. They are great! 

PopUp Anything- A Marketing Popup, for instance. 

It is a full-featured plugin encompassing a whole host of advanced features. You have scroll boxes, page-level targeting options, light boxes, and custom link placement features. 

This WordPress Popup Plugin allows you to create different types of popups in a jiffy. From exit intent to bar, slide-in, page-load, and push notifications popups, the list is infinite. It is also compatible with all page builders including DIVI, Elementor, Gutenberg, and WPBakery to name a few. 

4. Make The Most Of Prebuilt Templates 

Elementor’s popup builder comes loaded with as many as 100 well-designed popup templates with plenty of design features. You can simply pick any of these templates for your popup and get started with creating a wonderful popup from scratch. 

5. Set Targeting Rules, Locations Of The Popups Etc. 

Owing to the ease of use Elementor’s website builder offers, it has been popular for ages and the same can be safely said about its newly launched popup builder as well. 

You can set the conditions, triggers, and the location of your popups such as web pages, and blogs. You can also use advanced rules to create exceptions if need be. This lets you choose when you do not want the popup to appear. 

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Your website needs different types of popups and by using this popup builder you can design: 

The Final Words:

As you can see, Elementor’s bleeding-edge WordPress popup builder is straightforward and feature-rich. Creating attractive popups using this builder will help your marketing funnel a huge deal. 

For more information related to WordPress Plugins, feel free to get in touch with us. Check into additional details about our Popup Plugin for WordPress here.

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