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Custom Blog Design Tips To Increase Engagement You Wish You Knew

To establish yourself as a brand, you have to focus on the improvement of your website’s blog and apparently, it includes creating engaging and meaningful content. 

It is much more than just that though. If your blog’s user experience strategy is not as sound as it must be, it is going to ruin their experience. 

Consequently, it wouldn’t take them more than just a few seconds to get off your website. So, what exactly is required to be done here? 

Let’s take a quick look. 

The main purpose of your website’s blog is to take your readers where engaging content is and make them read what they are looking for. In the absence of goal-driven blog design decisions, this will always seem a far cry. 

Readers find it difficult to stay on a page full of boisterous clutter and chances are they will not stay there for more than just a few seconds. To make it worse, probably to never return. 

An effective custom blog design strategy calls for a beautiful layout that makes reading an enjoyable experience. The good news is that if you are a WordPress user, you have a whole slew of WordPress blog design plugins you can make optimum use of. 

2. Leverage Quality WordPress Plugins for Blog Design 

As discussed in the previous point, there is no scarcity of WordPress blog design plugins. When you use these plugins to your advantage, you yield the desired results without any hassles. 

Essential Plugin’s WP Blog and Widgets is a great option that comes loaded with more than 7 layouts with over 100 design options. This plugin has all you need to design a professional blog. Click Here to read about Top WordPress plugins for new bloggers.

It encapsulates 45 designs for slider and carousel as well. With unparalleled compatibility with all the latest WordPress versions, this stunning blog design plugin is easy to integrate with your favorite page builders such as Beaver, Elementor, WP Bakery, and Gutenberg to name a few. 

Features of WP Blog and Widgets

  • 8 designs for list view 
  • 13 grid box designs 
  • 6 shortcodes
  • 6 slider, list, category, and carousel widgets
  • Supports visual composer page builder
  • Show or hide slider pagination and arrows
  • Fully responsive 
  • Touch-based slider 

3. Maintain Font Consistency 

Maintaining font consistency is crucial to the navigation and readability of your blog content. Failing in doing so will only result in creating a mess, your audience would barely be interesting. 

No matter how phenomenal your blog stuff is, the absence of a proper design will only make it look ridiculous. Refrain from using more than just 2 or 3 fonts as going overboard with this only sabotages the appearance of your blog. Choosing the right set of fonts may seem an uphill task to you, but it isn’t that difficult if you are using a good blog design WordPress plugin. 

4. Maintain Overall Design Consistency 

Nothing beats a professional and cohesive look that helps the content stand out. It is achieved by just allowing the necessary elements to be there and maintaining the overall design consistency throughout the blog. 

Pick a good color scheme with complementary colors and maintain it across the whole blog. Easier said than done, right? 

While we all love a clean-looking blog with an alluring design, the designing process seems to take forever, but not when you use- Blog Designer: Post & Widget by Essential Plugin. It is a must-try blog design WordPress plugin that is pretty popular amongst bloggers on account of several features it offers. 

You can replace your existing blog design with countless layouts and design options at your disposal. You can display your blog posts using grids or sliders. There are readily available elements that can be customized according to your preferences. 

More salient features of Blog Designer: Post & Widget

  • 50 grid layout designs
  • 45 slider & carousel layouts 
  • 24 masonry layouts 
  • More than 25 designs for the list, grid, and grid box slider layout
  • 5 mobile-friendly blog widgets for the grid, list, and slider view
  • Blog ticker feature
  • Supports slider RTL
  • Limit the number of posts 
  • Ascending or Descending post order 
  • Show blog posts in several categories 
  • Change post order using the drag and drop feature 
  • Adjust slider speed interval and autoplay
  • Custom read more link 
  • Leverage 8 shortcodes 

The internet is a vast ocean of millions of blogs and the number is increasing as you read this. One of the distinguishing factors that set your blog apart from the rest to grab the attention of your target audience is the blog design. It requires as much consideration as the rest of the elements of your content do. 

Installing and using a good WordPress blog design plugin can do it all for you in a jiffy. For more information related to custom blog designs, feel free to connect with us.

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