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Customize WordPress Plugin Development For Real Estate Website

From Scratch to Hatch: The Story of a Customized WordPress Plugin Development

One of our customers a real-estate builder approached us with his website and shared with us how much difficult it was becoming for him to carry out his real estate tasks due to the missing features in his website.

Property information, agent details, property listings, its parameters and management, real estate have a lot of minute to major things to be handled carefully and for that, the website must be efficient enough with all features that make the before said work easy to manage.

Here is the chat conversation that happened on regular basis between us WP Online Support and the Real Estate Builder

WP: Hi, how are you doing?

REB: Am fine, but my website is not.

 WP: Why so? What happened?

REB: I feel like it is a hollow site. Too many things appear to be missing it.

WP: If you are worried about the missing pieces, then we assure you, you have come to the right place. We are good at fixing such things.

REB: Is it? Can you guys really fill-in the gaps in my website? How?

WP: Yes, of course, can you brief us what is your wish-list first because we value what our customers desire and strive to make it happen anyhow.

REB: That’s really great! Yes, I want a Customized WordPress Plugin developed for my site that can send an e-mail containing the information about the property along with all the content related to property, and agent’s information to the visitors, based on the selection of inputs made by the plugin-user for the property and the broker.

WP: Consider it done Sir! What else do you need?

REB: I want the details of agents like their name, photo, email, phone number, and office info to be displayed to the visitor.

WP: Sure, we will make the necessary customization for that Sir.

REB: The details of property parameters must come from the server by default, based on the type such as House, Villa, Land, Commercial, and design of the property selected by the visitor.

WP: Our team will take care of that for sure.

REB: Also, enable such functionality that the plugin-user can add, edit and delete any information related to the property like its name, design, type, images as well the agent’s details

WP: Will do all of course, and if any other important point comes up will discuss and add that too. Would that be okay?

REB: Yes, please would love to have your inputs. And last but not the least, I want it to be such a custom dynamic e-mail plugin that the plugin-user can select the property, its type and other ingredients, agent information suitable to them and then email it to the broker.

WP: It will be defined as you want it. As our plugin builders develop a plugin from scratch with great attention to detail. So, you stay rest assured. Anything else Sir?

REB: Nope, that’s all. Thank you so much, I will be waiting. It was nice talking to you guys.

WP: Our pleasure! Thank you for reaching out to us too! Same here and we will keep you in the loop. And you can also visit our site and check out our list of plugins and their plans that can benefit your website in many ways.

REB: Is it? Sure, I will, thank you once again. See ya.

WP: Will get back to you soon Sir. Have a great day ahead!

After this pleasant conversation with our customer, our team of plugin builders gathered around over a cup of coffee and some snacks, of course, to plan how are we going to develop it. Since highly experience WordPress experts were seated in the discussion, discussion, planning and developing all was carried out exactly according to the client’s requirement. It was then integrated seamlessly into the customer’s website and his response was overwhelming.

There are numerous other real estate plugins that a real estate website must have in it, creating one such was an enjoyable experience for us. “Developing a plugin from scratch, hatching it, watching it take form and serving its functionality is nothing but pure bliss.

Initially, the customer is only asking about the Real Estate Plugin, though as the work increase of little to more complex customization it takes 5 days to complete the work.