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Email Marketing Funnel: What it is and how to create one that’s effective?

Email marketing has invariably turned out to be an effective marketing weapon for digital marketers and businesses.

And why not? A channel that offers 4400 percent ROI would be indispensable to any business so long as it is strategically harnessed to its optimum potential. 

That’s where the email marketing funnel comes into the picture. Chances are that you aren’t naïve to the term and if you are wondering what it is, let’s dive right in. 

Email Marketing Funnel Explained 

Understanding what email marketing funnel is not as scary or complicated as it may seem at first. Simply put, it is a depiction of your customers’ buying journey through a sales pitch. Needless to say that you gotta understand your buyer’s needs and persona to create an effective email sales funnel that converts. You might like to read about 4 Best White Label Lead Generation Software Your Competitors are Using.

In this post, we are going to talk about some of the most effective ways to create one, but before we do that we have to understand the 4 stage customer lifecycle in the process that goes like this – 

  • Engagement
  • Discovery 
  • Purchase 
  • Retention 
Customer Sales Lifecycle
Customer Sales Lifecycle

Each of these is there for a purpose and to drive your customer to the next step without being pushy. Here, it is important to note that your email sales funnel might look different than several email funnel examples you find on the internet. Your funnel might look different depending on your needs. 

What is the significance of an email sales funnel?

Gone are the days when conventional marketing tactics worked. Customers are smarter than before and if your business fails to establish communication with them with the right messaging at the right time, then your relationship with your customers gets fragile. 

Your email sales funnel works phenomenally amazing and helps keep that bond strong. As you know it is difficult to acquire a new customer, but not when you leverage email marketing to its optimum. On one hand, you retain old customers and on the other, you acquire new customers who buy your products. Don’t miss out to read our blog about Best Inbound Marketing Tools.

Email Sales Funnel Creation Tips That Work 

Let’s take a look at some of the most effective tactics you would like to include in your email marketing plan. You can consider it an email marketing funnel template in a certain way. 

1. Focus On Lead Generation 

The best email funnel examples suggest that you must first focus on generating leads. Try collecting the email addresses of your customers by establishing great communication with them. Here you have two amazing ways to do it. One is opt-in forms and the second one is landing pages that work as a lead magnet. 

Again, opt-in forms can be used in different ways. You can embed them on your website or blogs either manually or by using a plugin as good as PopUp Anything. 

PopUp Anything is one of the most advanced plugins on the web right now. 

It is a wonderful popup plugin that helps make your email sales funnel to another level. It has a plethora of popups including lightbox, exit detection, scrolls down, and a floating box. 

You can display anything including links, pages, and custom links by installing this awesome WordPress plugin

It also has opt-in forms with unbelievable flexibility and customizability. There are 9 positions and 7 effects and you can insert almost any type of content including HTML, shortcode, and image. 

More features of PopUp Anything 

  • Easily create amazing offers. 
  • Adjust display settings. 
  • Store impression data.
  • Run A/B testing campaigns. 

2. Engage Your Subscribers 

Lead generation was the first step of your email sales funnel and now it becomes imperative that you also keep your subscribers engaged and feed them with informative resources, discount offers, and other promotional emails that entice them. Here are some Lead Generation Hacks Using Quizzes Nobody Told You

You can offer free resources, webinars, case studies, and blogs they appreciate. 

3. Convert Subscribers Or Leads Into Customers 

If you have been successful in generating leads and converting viewers into subscribers, you have done great so far. 

Establishing a firm relationship with your target customers indicates that you have started on the right foot and now it is time to nurture that relationship by using retargeting, sending time-sensitive offers, and free trial offers. You should not miss reading about eCommerce Marketing Strategies to Increase your Sales.

Also reminding your potential customers about abandoned carts with irresistible offers, especially on their special days such as birthdays and anniversaries will work wonders. 


Email sales funnel creation needs to be strategic and if you stick to your plan and feed your prospects with the right messaging and offers you will see your conversion rates skyrocketing in a short time span. For more email funnel examples and email marketing funnel templates, feel free to touch base with us.

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