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Essential Plugin Bundle with Popular Themes & Page Builder

Apart from all conspiracy theories….we are going to soon be up & running & here’s why….

  • CHINA is almost back
  • JAPAN never felt the effect …social-geographic culture of effective practice of greeting, wearing masks , managing cold/cough effectively irrespective of the pandemic.
  • INDIA is avoiding the 3rd stage of lock down with little bumps here & there….
  • USA/EUROPE with its Excellent Health Care …testing as many as it can & hence more positive cases BUT overall mortality except for Italy remains in low percentage to positive cases …ON so people are recovering & Social Distancing is helping to stop the contagivity of Virus & soon we expect a modern day medication for the same.


Meanwhile on the WordPress front do explore our Essential Plugin Bundle

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Essential Plugin Bundle with Popular Themes & Page Builder

Essential Plugin Bundle :

Essential Plugin Bundle cover all basic plugins that need to design a WordPress website from top to bottom like slider, hero  banner, featured content, logo slider, team showcase, testimonial slider, pricing table, latest post (grid and slider) , company news and footer.

Plugin has been created with custom post type & works with the help of shortcode. As a result our Essential Plugin Bundle works with any popular theme and page builder.

Page Builder, Themes & Essential Plugin Bundle:

We all know that a page builder is a great tool to build a website even faster. Page builders provide ready to use modules and templates.

BUT some time you need more complex design as per your need where page builders modules do not help you.

Now here our Essential Plugin Bundle plays a very important role with developer friendly code like template overriding and lots of designs. Any page builder or theme will comes with limited functionality like 5 to 6 design but they will not have additional functionality e.g:

Custom Read More Link for WordPress Post : an option where you can add external links for your blog post.

WP Templating Feature : It overrides & adds the plugin design file in your theme and customize the design file as per your need.

Shortcode generator with preview : It helps you to play with shortcodes and with its parameters. You can also check the preview/output of the shortcode.

Compatible with WordPress Gutenberg : We have also added Gutenberg block support to our plugin.

Essential part of website:  A complete package or solution from one author. So you did not rely on various plugin author support and be relaxed with plugin security.

Inbound Marketing Solution: InboundWP marketing plugin is about creating valuable experiences that have a positive impact on people and your business. Right now we are offering following modules : 1) Spin Wheel 2) Marketing Popup 3) Testimonial/Review 4) Social Proof 5) WhatsApp Chat Support 6) Deal Countdown Timer 7) Better Heading

SlidersPack-Multiple sliders in a single plugin: SlidersPack comes with 10 Sliders/Carousels type plus FancyBox Support with 20 Designs.

Security modules: 1) Hide WP Login screen 2) Rename WP login URL and login lockdown feature 3) Two factor authentication for login screen 4) Hide basic identity of WordPress from hacker 5) Disallow File Editing for unauthorized users 6) Content copy protection etc

Essential Plugin Bundle with divi theme

All we know is that the divi theme is the most popular theme that provides a complete solution from top to bottom to develop and design a website. If you are using divi theme from last 5 years, you may notice that div theme has added lots of features like Divi Email Opt-in Module, The Divi Video Slider Module, The Divi Testimonial Module, The Divi Slider Module, The Divi Pricing Tables Module, The Divi Post Slider Module, The Divi Portfolio Module, The Divi Gallery Module etc.

Now might be you are  thinking how Essential Plugin Bundle is going to help you with div themes to provide extra functionality? My answer is you are going to love it Under Divi theme. Each module has limited designs where Essential Plugin Bundle provides 20-50  designs in each separate module.

Team showcase, logo slider, portfolio, album etc. So its really fun to use Essential Plugin Bundle with divi theme PLUS you will extra module like Inbound Marketing, SlidersPack (Multiple sliders in a single plugin), Blog page designer, Login page customizer, Accordion and Accordion Slider, Video gallery, Countdown Timer Ultimate, Product Slider and Carousel with Category for WooCommerce, Advance  Post Slider/Carousel etc

Essential Plugin Bundle with Elementor page builder

Elementor page builder is a free page builder having 4+ million active install..Free version of of Elementor provide very basic module and if need advance module you need to use Elementor Pro.Either you are using FREE version of elementor OR pro version  Essential Plugin Bundle going to help you in both way… Pro version of elementor cover gallery, portfolio , slider, pricing table, Media Carousel, Testimonial Carousel.

We have also covered all these modules in Essential Plugin Bundle with 20+ designs in each module PLUS you will extra module like Inbound Marketing, SlidersPack (Multiple sliders in a single plugin), Blog page designer, Login page customizer, Team members, Accordion and Accordion Slider, Video gallery, Countdown Timer Ultimate, Product Slider and Carousel with Category for WooCommerce, Advance  Post Slider/Carousel etc

We have also added modules that you will not in find in any page builder like Post Category Image With Grid and Slider, Product Categories Designs for WooCommerce etc

Essential Plugin Bundle with Astra Theme

Astra theme is known for speed and use elementor page builder to design a theme. Astra also uses Beaver Builder to provide ready to use templates. If you are using a Astra theme then Essential Plugin Bundle is going to help you in many ways.

For example if you are using Astra with WooCommerce then InboundWP going to help you in many way ie Marketing popup , deal countdown timer and social proof. If you are using Astra for blogging, our inboundWP better heading  and blog designer can help you with 8 layouts (Grid, list, slider, carousel, gridbox, gridbox slider, Masonry etc) and 50+ designs.

You can also use featured and trending post plugin as well If you are a photographer and want to showcase your collection, use our Album and Gallery plugin with around 7 layouts with 50+ designs.  Essential Plugin Bundle comes with lots of solutions that can help you with building the site with Astra theme.

Essential Plugin Bundle with Avada Theme

Avada theme is #1 selling themes on envato marketplace & providing you a number of solutions to create any website in WordPress. Our Essential Plugin Bundle with Avada theme is going to help you in many ways. Do you want to check ? Please check Avada theme blog design element where Essential Bundle is also providing all these layouts.

So all this layout is providing 20-50+ designs.

Avada theme Covertplus comes with more features in InboundWP with a Marketing popup module.

Avada Gallery element where we are also going to help you with album and gallery plugin with more layout and more designs.

Avada modal popup where we are also going to help you with Popup anything plugin.

Avada Post Slider Element where you can also use our post slider plugin with 3 layouts and 30+ design.. Like this you can explore our Essential Plugin Bundle and play with each module.

Out Of the box

Essential Plugin Bundle offers you 40+ plugins  with lots of design options plus very user friendly code. You can override any design template in your theme and modify that template as per your need. Essential Plugin Bundle  also covers basic security features so you need not use any extra security plugin. Each plugin covers 5+ layouts like Grid, list, slider, carousel etc with around 50+ designs.

Essential Plugin Bundle with Inbound Marketing

Now days every website owner create a website with popular  theme and page builder to attract the users that come on their site with the help of design and UI/UX. Here our InboundWP plugin play a great role that is include in Essential Plugin Bundle. Create Marketing popup, offer countdown timer, spin wheel to attract the user with discounts, Show sale proof if you are running a e-commerce website. Better Heading module if you are a blogger. WhatsApp chat support if you have a online support team etc

You have 3 Core Elements

You use any page builder, our The  Essential Plugin Bundle will help you in any stage. The  Essential Plugin Bundle comes with 3 core elements. Shortcode generator, Template overriding  and Custom CSS. You don’t need to ever use the custom CSS panel but it’s nice to have if you want to create some extra effects with CSS.  Template overriding help you to customize the layout of any design in your theme without losing any data on plugin update. Similarly Shortcode generator help you to play with shortcodes and its parameter with live preview. Once you create the shortcode, use that shortcode on your website.

Excellent Value for Money

Essential Plugin Bundle is outstanding value for money. The Essential Plugin Bundle makes it easier and quicker to build sites which is of benefit to a web designers client base. So should a web designer disappear for some reason client can update their own site when necessary.

It’s also easy to call in a WP OnlineSupport Expert to quickly fix something for you and it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg as it’s so easy to work on a site even if the webdesigner hasn’t built the site herself.

Another great benefit is that a Essential Plugin Bundle may be used as many times as required. It’s not necessary to buy a new licence for every website you build.

Awesome Documentation & Support Ticket System

Not only does Our Essential Plugin Bundle come with great support they also have awesome documentation. This is great for newbies and even when more senior developers want to get help.

That’s why users love using  Essential Plugin Bundle.