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Exit-Intent Technology Explained: How to Increase Conversions by Using Exit Intent Technology

Exit Intent Technology

Exit-intent technology has transformed the online landscape, especially eCommerce.

If you are looking to boost the conversion rate of your website, you must consider using exit intent to your advantage.

In this post, we will understand how you can use an exit-intent popup to convert mere visitors into customers, but before we do that let’s understand what it is. 

Exit Intent Technology Explained 

Exit-intent technology is aimed at tracking visitors’ behavior while they are on your website and detecting when they are about to leave the website without making the purchase. 

The technology helps capture more leads and reduce cart abandonment by showing the widget at the right time as the visitor decides to leave the website without buying anything from your website. 

Signs of abandonment trigger exit intent technology to deliver the popup message with an alluring offer that captures the attention of your customer and converts them into a customer.

It could be a product offer or similar product recommendation as well. Marketers use exit-intent popup all the time to reduce cart abandonment. You may also like to read about Your Comprehensive Guide to Email Subscription Popups.

What Makes Exit Intent Popups So Effective?

Exit-intent technology has been extremely effective for marketers, but do you wonder what makes this technology as effective as it is? 

The visitor who has made up his or her mind to leave your website is clear about the next step, but they are not aware of the popup that’s coming their way with an offer they cannot refuse.

Showing them the exit intent offer at this point will force them to make a choice.

They will either do not care about the offer and leave the site or make the most of the offer they do not get too often. 

Below are some of the great exit intent hacks you can use to your advantage. 

7 Great Exit-Intent Tips To Reduce Cart Abandonment 

1. Make An Irresistible Offer

One of the key reasons your customers are leaving your site is them either not finding what they are looking for or the price not being up to their expectations.

You got to present an offer they find worth noticing. Needless to say, you have to tailor it according to the audience type. One size doesn’t fit all and the same applies to your exit-intent popup offer too. 

2. Make The Right Suggestions 

There are times when the customer has added a product or products to the cart, but they decide to leave the website. You can also check the best product size chart plugins here.

Showing them related products might work and make them change their mind about leaving the website without making a purchase. 

3. Use Social Proof To Your Advantage 

Social proofs work wonders and help drive conversions. You can show them the products that others love. Doing so serves two purposes. 

One- You can keep the visitor about to leave your website for long. 

Two- Giving them options that might convert them into buying customers. 

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4. Focus On The Design 

Exit-intent technology works only when the design is on par. Using the right font, text color, and background color is extremely important. Here, are some designing tips to create an eCommerce website

Using a call to action is also important to navigate them to the right page. Like any other marketing channel such as website, app, or brochure design can make or break it for you. 

5. Free Shipping 

Customers just love free shipping and as a business, you must know a huge number of customers leave your site without purchasing because of the shipping costs. 

6. Leverage Exit-Intent For A/B Testing 

What else can be a good opportunity to run an A/B test than the exit moment? Split your web visitors into different groups according to your marketing strategy to determine whether or not the exit-intent popup is working for you. 

Popup Anything is a must-have exit-intent plugin that businesses use quite commonly. This WordPress Popup plugin comes equipped with a whole slew of advanced features. 

Features of PopUp Anything-

  • Clean user-interface 
  • Track customer behavior
  • Plenty of popup options such as bar popup, slide in popup, exit intent popup and adblocker popup to name a few. 
  • Compatible with all WordPress versions
  • A/B testing functionality 
  • Easy to create amazing offers

7. Do Not Ask For A Lot Of Info

Asking for a lot of information is enough to drive away a customer already leaving the website. Refrain from forcing the customer to type in a lot of information and keep it short and sweet.


Exit-intent technology is truly ground-breaking and helps your business in more than one way, but it works only when the strategy is well-executed with a proper design, perfect timing, and great offers. 

Hope the post made for a good read. For more information related to exit-intent popup examples, feel free to get in touch with us.

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