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Explore the Top 5 News Slider Designs to Improve Your Site Look!

When inspired by a slider, you may show several slides concurrently. Some individuals adore news sliders, while others despise them. The same may be said about web developers: some cannot conceive a website without them, while others have never used them. 

If you own a news website or online magazine or post fresh material regularly, a news carousel is one of the most effective methods to showcase your most recent content. 

News slider design lets you make the most of your available space when you have a limited area to show breaking news above the fold. Even better, contemporary post sliders may automatically create dynamic content as new posts are published, ensuring that your news slider is constantly updated with the most recent information.

In this article, we’ll go over what news sliders are, which are the best news website designs, what advantages and features to look for in a slider plugin, and we’ll show you plenty of examples to get you started on your news carousel project.

Website sliders: what you need to know

  • A website slider design is essentially a carousel that displays well-organized bits of content one by one in a cycle. Its major components are as follows:
  • A container is a box that contains everything.
  • A slide is a container for the material. You may add pictures, videos, titles, text, buttons, and other material here.
  • Navigation is a tool for navigating the slides. It may be left and right arrows, simple “prev” and “next” buttons on the sides, or even traditional music player-inspired controls that allow users to manage auto-play and pause options.
  • Pagination, also known as extra navigation. It may be conventional bullets or numerals put at the bottom of the box or more contemporary alternatives such as a stack of small lines.

Top 5 news slideshow designs

Try any of these news carousels or slider designs, and transform your website like never before.  

1. Slick Slider View

This beautiful Slick Slider View news slider is perfect for websites that publish news items related to travel and tourism. In contrast, a break-out box allows you to show information like a title, a description, and a call to action to learn more about the subject matter in full.

2. Slick Carousel View

This visually appealing news slider design allows you to show three dynamically produced WordPress articles simultaneously on your website. More information may be found by scrolling left or right. 

The text overlays give title, date, author, description, and category information, with a faint blue undertone that makes the words “pop.” The text overlays are also available in other languages.

3. Slider with Partial Slide

Draw attention to your magazine website by displaying your articles and drawing visitors’ attention to your website! When utilizing a slider inspiration, you may show several slides at once. 

The active slide is in the center, but you may also see the preceding and following slides if you want to see them. As soon as you click on one of the non-active slides, the slider changes to that slide, allowing the visitor to review its content. This is a pleasant and easy method to entice the reader to look at more news stories.

4. Slick with Centermode

Suppose you are having good information in bulk and don’t want to annoy the readers. In that case, you can use this news carousel as it gives the slider option to have three images or posts while only one is active, and with the specific duration, it keeps on changing. 

This straightforward, adaptable slider inspiration works well on tablets, allowing readers to swipe left and right to see different slide views. The thumbnail pictures, categories, titles, and descriptions offer readers more information about the news articles included on the site.

5. Slick Variable Width

This beautiful Slick Variable Width slider design is perfect for websites that publish news items related to travel and tourism. In contrast, a break-out box allows you to show information like a title, a description, and a call to action to learn more about the subject matter in full.


Irrespective of what type of news or material you publish and showcase on your website, a news slider may help you present it in a highly visual and easily accessible manner. Furthermore, you may effectively display your most recent article items above the fold, ensuring that viewers do not miss any breaking news using the best news website designs.

So, don’t you want to look your website more attractive and user-friendly? The WP Slick Slider and Image Carousel from EssentialPlugin make it easier for you. It allows you to build flexible news sliders that draw in dynamic information from your WordPress site, 

If you have any queries regarding utilizing news sliders or other WordPress Plugins, get in touch with us.

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