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FAQ WordPress Plugin – WordPress Plugin

The power of WordPress is by dint of its innovative and feature-rich plugins. While you can have a company for a customized WordPress plugin development according to your wish, there are many readymade WordPress plugins that can serve the purpose. WPOnlineSupport is one such professional WordPress development company with dozens of plugins.

WP-Responsive FAQ with Category Plugin

The free version of WordPress plugin for FAQs is available. WPOnlineSupport always believes in providing the most useful and feature-rich plugins for the websites to get better user experience. The best part of this plugin is you can add a responsive FAQs plugin without any hassle. It’s easier and anyone can do that. It is a Jquery UI accordion of its own kind making FAQs simple to access.

WP responsive FAQs plugin enables the webmaster to add, manage and display frequently asked questions on the website. the plugin has a custom post type feature. FAQs are very important for any website to offer in-depth information about the services or products listed on the website.



Features of WordPress FAQ Plugin

As with other plugins developed by Essential Plugin, the responsive plugin for frequently asked questions also come with a plethora of features. Here are a few to mention:

  • More than 15 unique and eye-catching designs (accordion type) for FAQs
  • You can also have a category wise grid layout for FAQs
  • The number of FAQs to display can be controlled
  • Reordering the FAQs is easy with this WordPress FAQ plugin by WPOnlineSupport. Just drag and drop the question as per the order you want
  • You have the freedom to include or exclude categories
  • You can have ascending and descending order for FAQs
  • You can add ‘read more’ or ‘show less’ button.

WPOnlineSupport –The WordPress Development Company

WPOnlineSupport is one of the most sought-after companies offering its professional services for all sorts of work on WP. Whether you want to design WordPress template that suits your business or develop a tailor-made plugin for your facility, WPOnlineSupport has everything to offer you.

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