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Creating Fast Designs

WP OnlineSupport has acquired a significant position to offer top-class, custom-made, SEO-friendly and feature rich PSD to WordPress integration services plus solutions.

PSD creation is time-consuming and also not mandatory for web development.

Do share the lists of the website which you like most with the particular section of that website and we will create a rough mockup for you.

Our WordPress Professionals do the analysis of those designs and your website flow will develop a WordPress website for you with latest design templates.

Please, have a look at our spectrum of the portfolio.


The mockup is typically a mid- to high-fidelity representation of the product’s appearance, and shows the basics of its functionality.


  1. By looking at a mockup, you should get a good idea of how the final product will look and a rough idea of how it might function (even if the functions aren’t yet working).
  2. A mockup can be considered a high-profile visual design draft.
  3. The mockup is more impressive to stakeholders and investors, and so better at generating interest.
  4. The mockup acts as the bridge between the wireframe and the prototype.



  • Is an Adobe format that should probably be only used to save Photoshop files.
  • Do not distribute PSD files unless you are doing a Photoshop tutorial or something. Photoshop files are large.
  • They can be compressed (RLE encoded) but often this compression does not yield a file that is much smaller.
  • They can contain a lot of Photoshop specific data that the other formats can’t, such as paths.
  • The layers are preserved when a file is saved using the PSD file format.
  • You can go back, at anytime, to make changes to the layers.