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How Can Bloggers Make The Most With Premium WordPress Plugins?

Blogging is an essential content activity. 

Both service and product markets require people to step into blogging to get maximum attention from their desired customers. 

But how do you make your blogging page exciting or attractive?

WordPress is said to be the best platform for bloggers. And top WordPress plugins for bloggers make it more happening. 

What are blogger plugins?

Blogger plugins are designed to makeover your blog page by helping you with new layouts and designs. The plugin allows your page to display the latest or published blogs in grid or slider view. Nevertheless, blogs can keep scrolling on the page with the help of a scrolling widget. 

Essential Plugin has got a new blogger plugin to keep your web page attractive for readers. It helps in various ways to the blogger while adding a new blog post on the platform. We shall discuss it further in the blog. 

Top WordPress Plugin for Bloggers in 2021

WordPress has got various plugins to help the website owners experience ease while publishing their content. One of them is the top blogger plugins. These blogger plugins are specially designed for the blog page, offering various features and elements

1. Blog Designer- Post and Widget

The Blog designer post and widget new blogger plugin from Essential Plugin helps you make your blog page with new designs and templates. The templates are ready-to-use and are quick to apply for experiencing the effective change on your blogging page. 

Here the users get a chance to choose from 100+ available designs for launching a new blogger theme. It also serves as 8 unique layouts for displaying your blog posts. The layouts and designs are ready-to-use, offering customizable elements.  Nevertheless, these designs are 100% responsive, and hence, your readers will have no difficulty accessing your blogging page on desktop, Mac, or mobile. 

2. WP Blog and Widgets

If you wish to display your blogs in customizable layouts, you must download WP blogs and widgets on your WordPress website. Your upcoming or existing blog archives will be displayed attractively using the vertical scrolling blog widget plugin. 

Wondering what you get?

  • 7 Unique Layouts
  • 50 Designs for Blog Grid Layout
  • 45 Designs for Blog Slider or Carousel Layout
  • 8 Designs for Blog List View
  • 13 Designs for Blog Grid Box
  • 8 Designs for Blog Grid Box Slider
  • 7 Widgets (Slider, List, and category, etc.)

Again it is a 100% responsive new bloggers plugin widget for helping your readers to have no issues while accessing your blog page on different platforms. Be it Mac, Mobile, or Windows; the screen size is automatically fitted with high resolution on any of these devices with WP blog and widgets. 

Also, the plugin has got seamless compatibility with the latest WordPress themes and page builders. Applying it to your current WordPress is quite easy and quick! Nevertheless, you get a block ticker feature for customizing your blog headings with different backgrounds and colors. 

Ticker Feature

3. WP News and Scrolling Widgets

The WP news and scrolling widget help display your blog news or blog posts in horizontal and vertical scrolling formats. You can also add custom links to your blog post while displaying the same. 

With WP news and scrolling widget, you need not worry about your website’s compatibility as it has seamless compatibility with your favorite page builders. 

Make it easy with Shortcodes!

With the top WordPress Plugin for bloggers, website owners are generally worried about the technical assistance for utilizing most of their new blogger’s plugins. WP blog and widget plugins are assisted with powerful shortcode builders. The website owner can create the shortcode and paste it under any page or section for successfully displaying the blog posts. 


Blogger plugins are the best way to make your blog page interesting for the viewers. Blog traffic is considered quite important for any website or business. So, if you wish to enhance your online website traffic you must consider downloading any of the above best blog plugins for WordPress.