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How Many WordPress Plugins Are Too Many? Why?

Do you know the WordPress directory has 59,000+ WordPress plugins?

Different plugins are available with WordPress Plugin Directory that helps boost your website’s performance and user engagement. 

But installing every plugin on your WordPress website isn’t required. 

So, how many WordPress plugins are too many? Why do website experts advise installing only those plugins required for your WordPress website? 

We shall answer all these questions in today’s blog post. 

WordPress Plugins

WordPress is one of the most popular website development platforms on the internet. It helps businesses get a versatile online platform with functional extendibility with the help of various plugins and widgets. 

WordPress plugins are third-party apps installed on your website to increase your website’s ongoing efficiency.

Using the plugins, you can set up or integrate third-party payments, gallery and video carousels, increase the website speed and performance, change the layout or appearance, organize a survey of your customers, entertain your visitors, and much more. 

But as there is a saying, too much of anything is dangerous. The same goes for WordPress plugins. Installing too many plugins can cause many adverse effects to your WordPress websites, for which you need to understand how many plugins are too many. 

Here is the guild for beginners, To Installing WordPress Plugins: Types & Benefits

How Many WordPress Plugins Are Too Many?

Your WordPress website is accessible to install too many plugins and widgets. Also, when most WordPress plugins are free of cost; the owner wishes to download most of them to increase the website’s extendibility. But it doesn’t work like that. The website owner needs to understand how many plugins are too many for a WordPress website. 

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Just like infusing too much knowledge in the kid’s brain can impact his behavior, installing too many plugins on your WordPress website can impact operational efficiency. 

Installing 1-5 WordPress Plugins is the best for your WordPress website. 

One to five WordPress plugins that are installed, activated, and updated works best for your WordPress website. But, when you install more than 6 WordPress plugins, the website starts getting overloaded, and often it results in decreased efficiency. We shall further discuss the adverse effects of installing too many WordPress plugins on the website. 

What Happens After Installing Too Many WordPress Plugins?

Installing more than five plugins on your WordPress website delivers various issues. Let’s discuss the top three issues. 

1. Poor Website Speed 

While you have installed too many WordPress plugins, it directly affects your website’s loading speed. So, if you ask WordPress how many plugins is too many- it is definitely more than five. 

When too many plugins are installed on your website, the website starts taking time to load. If earlier your website was taking one second to load, it might take 5-6 seconds to load after installing more plugins or widgets. Too much is clutter, and you must not install too much clutter on your website’s backend. Here, you can check, How to deal with Website Speed Optimization?

2. Cross-plugin Incompatibilities 

Adding a new plugin to your website is excellent. But when you add too many plugins, it starts showing the cross-plugin incompatibilities. Well, it simply means that your existing plugins might crash or don’t work effectively. It is because of adding another plugin having similar functionality. Don’t miss to read The 10 Best WordPress Plugins to Take Your Site to the Next Level

3. Security Issues

Do you know that plugins cause more than 50% of WordPress security issues? When installing a plugin, it needs to be activated and updated time-to-time. Plugins that are not updated for a longer time raise security concerns for the website. When your website is not secure, visitors will not feel interested in visiting it. Especially when you are running an eCommerce store, you have to be very careful about your website’s security. So, be careful while choosing the plugins, and limit it to a minimal number. 

Picking the Right WordPress Plugin For Your Website

So, to avoid the issues of security, speed, and cross-function incompatibilities on your WordPress website- you need to decide how many plugins are too many for your WordPress website. And likewise, you have to pick the right WordPress plugins to keep your website running smoothly and efficiently. 

So, you need to follow the various WordPress plugin tips 

  • Choose the WordPress plugin that doesn’t have duplicate functionality with your existing plugin
  • Choose WordPress plugins from authentic WordPress plugin development companies. Check their existing plugin list and scroll down the customer reviews before downloading one. 
  • Keep updating WordPress plugins regularly
  • Uninstall the inactive plugins from your WordPress website

So, next time you think how many plugins are too many for WordPress, follow our blog and try to keep one to five plugins on your website that are extremely important. Keep following Essential Plugin for reading more WordPress blogs. Check our pricing page for more WordPress plugins.

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