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How to Add WordPress Image Caption with a Plugin in WordPress Blog or Site?

Captions are the latest trendsetters.

We all need to update the right caption beneath every post that we do. Either it is a social media post or a story or WhatsApp status; all that matters along with the right creative is the right caption.

Likewise in WordPress, images are incomplete without a perfect caption. So, the question here is, how to add image captions in WordPress?

WordPress: A Perfect Platform for Content and Images

More than 500 websites are built every day using WordPress. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular as well as loved website development platforms across the world. With WordPress, things are easy for the creator as well as the distributor because it is a highly versatile platform. 

When it comes to customization; WordPress Plugins are the cherries to the cake! It helps the WordPress owner to present the content as well as images in multiple ways. One of the ways to present beautiful images is with image captions. 

What is an Image Caption?

The WordPress image caption is a small text that is mentioned below the image. It has limited character space as it has to be mentioned with the choice of fewer words. Here is how an image caption looks like in WordPress blogs or website posts.

Image Caption
WordPress Image Caption

As you can see there is an image and right below the image, there is an image caption mentioned in tiny fonts. It is called a WordPress caption for images in blogs or web pages.

How to Add Image Captions in WordPress?

Adding WordPress captions for images is quite simple and easy. It doesn’t require any additional skills for the WordPress admin for adding the image captions in WordPress. Here is how you can add a WordPress image caption. 

To add images in WordPress, you can use the add gallery or image option in your latest WordPress text editor. After adding an image, you will be asked to mention a caption below the image. View the below image for your reference. 

Adding WordPress Caption with Image Plugin

WordPress has a lot of plugins on its store to help you experience the complete functionality of your website. There are image and slider plugins that help you manage multiple images and sliders on your WordPress website with ample captions space. 

The essential plugin has designed and developed various WordPress plugins for enhancing the extendibility of your website. WP Slick Slider and Image Carousel are one of the image plugins designed by Essential Plugin to help you add multiple images and sliders with captions. Let’s learn more about it further with the blog.

WP Slick Slider and Image Carousel

Well, when you are interested in presenting your WordPress website using the best slideshows; you need to download WP Slick Slider and Image Carousel from Essential Plugin. Be it any WordPress theme, the plugin works seamlessly without any interruption. Above all, it helps you add different image carousels and sliders with attractive captions. 

Wondering, what do you get with WP Slick Slider and Image Carousel plugin? Here are a few highlighted reasons for downloading it. 

  • 5 Layouts & 90+ Beautiful Designs
  • Fully Responsive and Touch Based Slider
  • 8 Arrows and 12 Pagination Designs
  • Drag & Drop Post Order Change
  • High Compatibility with WordPress Themes

Imagine you have the power to select 90+ beautiful designs for showcasing images or galleries on your WordPress website with captions. It is a WordPress image caption plugin with 5 different layouts that are 100% responsive. 

Here is how you can add WordPress image captions for your various image sliders and carousels using the WP Slick Slider and Image Carousel. You can also add a heading with a subtext with a caption for describing more about the images or sliders that you have placed on your website. 

Image Slider
Image Sliders

With this multilingual WordPress image caption plugin, you can add image captions in different languages. Also, you get a custom CSS editor for editing the texts that you are adding to the images. Nevertheless, if you wish to divert your traffic to some other page or post, you can link the images with the mentioned URL. The plugin is SEO-friendly to help your website get desired online marketing results. Hence, downloading it is always worth it for your WordPress site.

Make Every Caption Interesting with WordPress Plugin

Essential Plugin offers different types of WordPress plugins on its store. You can choose the plugins as per your website’s requirements. For now, if your goal is to add attractive and interesting WordPress image caption to your WordPress post image, then you must choose WP Slick Slider and Image Carousel. It has both free and premium versions; you can download it for free and take a trial now!

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