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How to Add Fonts to Your WordPress Website?

Fonts are an integral part of your website presentation.

Typography or fonts is an important way to communicate with your users.

Hence, fonts must be legible and attractive.

Well, for website owners, having the right fonts on the website is essential. When it comes to presenting your website’s content- the fonts help you do so.

Using the bold, oversized, or formatting with the fonts- the user can present important content sections. There is a lot that website owners can do with the fonts.

WordPress fonts help you showcase your website’s important content in different styles. Let’s learn more about further uploading the font to the WordPress website with the blog. 

Why Adding WordPress Fonts is Important?

Well, WordPress fonts are just more than fonts for you and your readers. Fonts can carry the information or emotion along with it. Using the right fonts and formatting, you can communicate with your readers easily. 

We emphasize a special word or statement while communicating offline or in a seminar; likewise, a simple font can be turned informative, communicative, or emotional using the right formatting. Fonts do have the ability to send your message to the reader. 

Not sure, how?

You will find WordPress fonts in different styles and sizes

I am sure you got your attention on the bold and italic phrases in the above sentence. It is because the font is formatted for gaining your attention. WordPress fonts can easily gain users’ attention with a little tweak and format. 

How to Add Fonts to WordPress?

To or upload fonts to WordPress, you need to understand how the WordPress fonts work.

Firstly, the fonts depict your website’s thoughts and pitch.

Secondly, fonts are the easiest way to grab your users’ attention. And lastly, it helps in differentiating your website from your competitor. 

If you think adding different fonts to your website will make a difference, here is how to add fonts to a WordPress website. 

1. Add Fonts Manually

Adding the fonts manually is quite tiring- but it works the best when you want a specific font for your website. WordPress Fonts offered by your website may not be too exciting or interesting, and hence many times, users often want to download the fonts and add them manually on their website. 

The web font needs to be in the following formats to add it successfully on your WordPress website, i.e., OTF (Open Type Fonts), TTF (True Type Fonts), WOFF (Web Open Font Format), WOFF 2.0, and EOF (Embedded Open Type Font). 

If your browser does not support your chosen font, you can convert the fonts to the support type using the ‘Web Font Converter’ tool. 

Later, your downloaded fonts supported by your WordPress must be placed in the fonts folder. Also, if you haven’t created any- you can create it under WP-Content- Themes. 

Use the following simple settings to add a custom font to WordPress manually. 

Add Google Fonts Pro

2. Add Fonts with the Help of WordPress Plugin 

Another way to upload fonts to WordPress is with the help of WordPress Font Plugins Pro. Different font plugins are available in the WordPress directory that helps website owners change fonts easily and quickly. 

When you download WordPress typography and font plugins, you need to worry about the HTML code or CSS; the WordPress Plugin manages everything on your behalf. It is the best method to upload fonts to WordPress for the less tech-savvy people. 

The Best WordPress Font & Typography Plugins are:

  1. Easy Google Fonts
  2. Use Any Font
  3. Custom Typekit Fonts
  4. Wp-Typography
  5. Advance Editor Tools

3. Use Web Fonts

If you are still confused about adding fonts to WordPress, you must try using web fonts. Websites like Adobe and Google Fonts Pro help you add fonts to WordPress websites without much coding or customization. 

Copying a bit of the CSS of these website fonts might help you add custom fonts to your WordPress website. All you need to do is copy the HTML between the start and end of the head brackets. Below is an image from Google Fonts depicting the different font styles.

Was It Helpful?

So, these are the top three methods to upload fonts to the WordPress website. WordPress fonts are quite important to grab users’ attention on your website’s important facts, news, or content.

If you are still unsure how to add fonts to your WordPress website, you must consult our WordPress experts by logging on to our official website. We also have different types of WordPress plugins to boost the visibility and engagement of your website.

For more details, visit our site and check Bundle Plan.

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