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How To Display Team Showcase In WordPress Website?

Websites are brands’ online stores. Having your team on the website is essential, keeping in mind the importance of your company’s key members and your customer’s trust. 

When running an offline store or company, your company’s key members are often introduced during the client meetings, which helps them understand its creative strength. But what about an online website or company?

An online website can introduce its key members and win customers’ trust via the team showcase plugin. Designed and developed by Essential Plugin, the WP Team Showcase and Slider helps your company display your team members in different layouts and styles.  

Why Display Your Team On Website?

I agree that every website is not encouraged to have a team page separately or display a team on the home page of your website. But this is precisely why they are losing some engagement and trust from their clients or customers. You are definitely inviting much business by introducing the team to your core website. 

It is quite a simple idea that we want to do business with someone we are sure about. The WordPress team plugin helps display members’ names, designation, and pictures to gain customer trust. It helps your customers understand which department is led by whom with their experience and other basic details. 

On the other hand, your team also feels the privilege to have them showcased on the website. This increases their responsibility towards the company, encouraging them to be a part of your corporate family. 

WordPress team showcase plugin helps with:

  • Strengthened relationships
  • Customer trust
  • Enhanced engagement
  • Increased business 
  • Improves company personality

WP Team Showcase and Slider

When you are scrolling the plugin directory, you will find different types of WordPress showcase plugins. Picking one best is often a difficult task. On behalf of Essential Plugin, which is a well-known WordPress development company that has pioneered the creation of feature-rich WordPress Plugins and eye-catching WordPress themes, I would like to introduce you to WP Team Showcase and Slider, an excellent and engaging plugin to display your company’s key members. 

Without much technical intervention, you can upgrade your website’s team page with the help of the WP team showcase and slider plugin. You can choose from the available unique layouts and designs to upgrade the team showcase page by linking their names to their social media platforms. 

Using the Team WordPress Plugin, you can display your team in three different layouts

1: Grid layout

Using the grid layout, you can display your team’s showcase in grid style. Here you can add a picture followed by a description with a clickable link to the respective social media profile or portfolio. 

2: Slider View

Using the slider view, you can display your team’s showcase in slider style. The slider view is followed by arrows to help the customers or clients scroll the next image slider. Here you can add a picture followed by a description with a clickable link to the respective social media profile or portfolio. 

3: Slider with Centermode 

Slider with the center mode is designed to highlight the center image. It is one of the trending slider designs for displaying any post or image. 

Let’s talk in detail about the features and benefits of downloading our WordPress showcase plugin. You can also watch an introductory video on WP Team Showcase Slider and Plugin features and benefits. 

Team Plugin Features

  • Get the Slider Layout
  • Get the Grid Layout
  • Get 25+ Unique Designs
  • Separate Field for Member Skills, bio, etc
  • Display Detail With 2 Popup Designs and styles
  • Easy To Add & User Friendly
  • High Compatibility With WordPress Themes
  • 100% Responsive
  • Slider RTL Support
  • 100% Multi-lingual
  • Strong Shortcode Parameters


Here we conclude our blog with a quick summary on displaying the WordPress team showcase using the team plugin or widget. The ‘Essential Plugin’ allows website owners to display the team showcase using strong Shortcodes. Without any technical assistance, you can start displaying your team strength on your website.

Nevertheless, if you are looking forward to WordPress assistance to help you activate the plugin with the proper display of your team members, you must consult our WordPress Experts or Visit this Essential Plugin bundle pricing plan.

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