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How To Make A Best Price Comparison Website With WordPress?

How to make a Best Price Comparison Website with WordPress

If you want to create a price comparison website with WordPress or WooCommerce, you will not find out-of-the-box tools. Instead, you can use the WordPress comparison plugin for the same.

Product comparison websites, often known as comparison shopping or pricing comparison websites, serve the same purpose as Google for online consumers. They are similar to Google in their functionality.

These WordPress comparison table websites include comprehensive information about the items available in a niche market. Customers may compare and filter items based on various criteria such as cost, features, reviews, delivery, and others.

If you’re considering launching a new eCommerce website, using a WordPress price table plugin would undoubtedly benefit your company. Continue reading to learn how.

It is possible to make money with a WordPress pricing table website.

The product comparison website is linked to retailers such as Amazon, eBay, and others, and they acquire their information directly from the merchants themselves. 

When customers use your comparison site’s “Buy Now” button to purchase a product, you get a fee for suggesting the transaction, which is referred to as the “Affiliate Commission.”

When done correctly, a WordPress pricing table plugin may provide a consistent passive income or perhaps a significant source of revenue for the owner.

Remember these points while making a WordPress comparison table site

Before we tell you how a WordPress pricing table plugin can help you build a comparison table design website using a comparison table template, here are a few key points that you need to keep in mind.

1. Identifying your specialization

Before beginning the process of developing the comparison website, you must first choose a niche market that your WordPress comparison table site will serve. Because there are millions of comparison-shopping websites, you will only be successful if you distinguish yourself from the competition. 

As a result, focus on a specific niche market and only include items inside that area. For example, in the case of a mobile comparison website, you will have to compete with many other prominent mobile comparison websites on the internet to succeed.

2. Adhere to CARE principles.

When building a WordPress pricing table site, keep CARE in mind as you go through each step. The Competition and Marketing Authority, a government organization in the United Kingdom, first developed these principles. Setting standards for reliable and high-quality digital comparison tools was the purpose of CARE.

On the other hand, CARE principles can be applied to any WordPress comparison table site, regardless of its creation, and are a solid starting point. Your website’s prosperity might be at stake if you adhere to these guidelines.

Clear. Accurate. Responsible. Easy to use – CARE

Well, in short, a WordPress comparison plugin is a must thing whether it’s a website or a mobile app, must:

  • The monetization strategy, how it operates, and the market it serves should be made clear.
  • Listings should include accurate information, such as data that is up-to-date, correct, full, and not misleading.
  • Customers’ personal information should always be handled with care, whether gathering reviews or responding to concerns.
  • Make it simple for people to discover and utilize the information they need, including how to get in touch with you.

How Essential Plugin can help you to build a WordPress pricing table website

If you are looking for an intelligent WordPress comparison plugin, consider using Pricing Table Ultimate Pro.

The Pricing Tables tab in the admin panel of your website is made available by this WordPress price table plugin. Using a simple shortcode, you can rapidly add features to your various plans, set colors, and show your pricing table everywhere.

Plugin Feature List
  • Ten designs
  • Display title, subtitle, and description
  • Set button URL, text, and class
  • Custom CSS classes and features

Elements you should consider using in your pricing comparison website

1. Listings

Comparative data may be found in listings. On product comparison table websites, these are the most important pages. This is true even if we’re referring to price comparison websites since listings should provide more than just the item’s name and price.

2. Ratings and feedback

Customers use reviews to help them decide which shop they want to purchase from. It is possible to enable people to write reviews and comments directly on your WordPress pricing table website, or you may utilize reviews from other websites that offer the products you’re comparing. Either way is OK.

3. History of prices and price alerts

If you intend to establish a WordPress comparison table site in a market with seasonal or other periodic swings, pricing history information may be helpful.

4. Filtering and searching

Users searching to compare costs should discover a particular product and model. Search is an essential aspect of any website.

5. Reward System

Rewards programs are standard in areas where much effort is put into retaining customers. For example, reward points may be used for discounts on travel-related and flight-comparison websites like and TripAdvisor. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need to work out a discount arrangement with the service providers you’re referring to.

In conclusion

However, although WordPress comparison table websites are complicated to establish, a WordPress comparison plugin and the support of developers with extensive expertise may construct one with little difficulty.

If you are interested in conducting a demo of the WordPress price table plugin, contact us at [email protected] or View our Plan details

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