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Inspiring Stunning Modern Video Slider Examples for Home Page

A fantastic approach to selling your brand and highlighting your company philosophy is employing homepage video sliders or carousels.

The quality of your website makes little difference if it fails to capture the attention of its visitors. Web designers mainly depend on the power of images when it comes to building aesthetically beautiful websites. While images aid in the narrative telling, they have one major drawback: static design components. Having a video carousel is the key!

Finding the appropriate homepage videos, carousels, or sliders for your website might be difficult. However, discovering some samples or designs might provide you with some ideas.

Modern website designers have developed fascinating methods to include sliders into their web page design. Video carousel examples assist change the emphasis of the reader to material that’s very significant, consequently generating income.

So, what’s the deal with these video sliders?

There are no static pictures in a video slider, but rather videos. Regardless of the subject matter, you may use these video carousel examples to enhance your website. 

An online lesson, cooking demonstration, or testimonial from a customer may all be shown in your video slider. There are several benefits to using a video carousel instead of an image. It’s possible to break up your material into smaller chunks, providing the consumer more flexibility over what they read.

Video Gallery and Player Plugin from Essential Plugins

Video Gallery & Player is a powerful video carousel plugin that allows you to display your films flexibly. You can have a grid view video gallery with 15 ready-to-use templates.

This video carousel works seamlessly with your favorite themes (Avada, DIVI, etc.) and page builders (such as Gutenberg, Siteorigin, Beaver, Elementor, etc.). It is also perfectly adaptable with other WordPress Plugins, allowing you to have a more enjoyable web development experience overall.

Why is having a video slider so good for your website?

The human eye responds very instantly to movement. Because videos are constantly in motion, the viewer’s attention is drawn to the video’s content as quickly as possible. A video is also one of the most excellent tools you have at your disposal for showing your point.

Imagine you’ve invented the most significant thing ever to demonstrate how fantastic your product is. Exactly how should this be accomplished? Show and discuss this product in a video on your website. Even a one-minute video has a more significant effect than printed words or graphics. 

Top Video Carousel Examples For Home Page

The most amazing, most fascinating, and most entertaining video sliders from all across the internet have been gathered here for your enjoyment. Consider these best video sliders if you’re looking for ideas for your website and are considering incorporating a videos carousel on your page.

1. Igor Starodub

This video slider presents you with stunning black and white video of each project, which you may see on your screen. 

In addition, the loading bar that travels around the screen informs you of how much time is remaining in each film, and you may click “Explore” to discover more about the videos. There are no navigation controls, but if you happen to miss a project you love, click “Portfolio” to bring up a drop-down selection of similar projects.

2. Wind Channel

This video carousel is distinguished by its one-of-a-kind animations. As the film is segmented, several panels spread over the screen slide away from one another, revealing the next in the cycle. Additionally, the timer on the right-hand side of the screen indicates when the slider will change.

3. The English Bus

Videos illustrating how English bus tours are conducted are a great way to encourage prospective tourists to visit England. Video clips of tour buses traveling through the most popular tourist destinations and the English countryside are shown on the homepage slider. Don’t miss out to read our blog about Top In-Demand Animated Slider and Carousel Plugins for WordPress in 2021.

4. Airbus Ventures

Firstly, the firm is introduced in the first video, and then features and intriguing information about the company are shown in the backdrop. As soon as you’re done viewing, you’re free to explore the rest of the website as you like.


This award-winning video slider design has three movies and many messages that you should know about. It is pretty stylish.

Concluding Remarks On The Use Of A Video Slider

A video slider provides you with a slew of creative alternatives with a few basic movements. Use it in the background or make a public presentation of your business.

If you want to succeed, take your time and develop a comprehensive approach. You want to use the greatest video slider to build a mobile-friendly and responsive design. Try Video Gallery and Player Plugin from Essential Plugin, which comes with the essential bundle. It is the optimal solution for creating high-quality video sliders. Among WordPress websites, it’s the most popular. Contact us for more essential bundle plans.

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