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10 Interesting facts you didn’t know about WordPress

10 Interesting facts you didn’t know about WordPress

 WordPress is for free!

WordPress is free software which you can easily download from and use. However, you have to pay for the web hosting to use it on the internet which might cost you a few dollars.

WordPress is used by some distinguished companies of the world.

The sites you keep surfing in your day-to-day life, say, CNN, Forbes, Vogue, MTV news, The Rolling Stones, Facebook , NASA  run on WordPress.

WordPress can be installed in languages other than English

You don’t have to worry if English is not your first language because WordPress offers 56 language translations. You can choose your primary language while WordPress installation or from settings page since version WordPress 4.7 for your dashboard.

WordPress powers over 26% websites of the world

Recent statistic shows that WordPress now powers 26% websites of the world and is counting.  Also, it beat other CMS like Joomla, Drupal, Magento and Blogger by large proportion and has market share of 59.4%.

WordPress has brought about plenty of jobs

WordPress developers and designers are making living from WordPress charging 50$-100$ per hour. A recent survey shows that 25% developers of all work in WordPress. has only 449 employees

It’s beyond belief that has only 449 employees but it’s a true fact. Only 449 people are in charge of developing, updating and maintaining the :- 449 employees.

Google :- More than 60 thousand.

WordPress Conferences (WordCamp)

WordCamp organized in more than 6 continents, 65 countries  and 68 cities of the world every year.

Discussion and information exchange takes place about everything related to WordPress. Anyone can take part in WordCamps, you don’t have to a WordPress Expert to take part in it. Find out if it’s happening in your country and make the most out of it.

IT savy people discuss and exchange information related to WordPress and  no need to have a WordPress expert to participate in it.

WordPress Community

The WordPress community is one of the largest the internet world With 249973 active members in more than 840 meetup groups around the globe.

WordPress Swag

WordPress Swag official store sells hoodies and t-shirts and also has a rotating line of products.

WordPress Fan Art has an official page dedicated to the huge fan following that it has , you can scroll through thousands of media submitted by fans across the globe.

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