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5 Lead Generation Hacks Using Quizzes Nobody Told You

Quizzes just work wonders for lead generation. Although they also leave many wondering if that’s true.

Well, yes! They work miraculously when used the right way. Humans are curious beings and they love exploring new things. Riddles and quizzes are not new.

They have been in magazines and newspapers since the year dot and the good news is that they can be used as an amazing marketing option. 

In this post, we are going to share a few surefire hacks to use quizzes for lead generation. So, let’s get the ball rolling. 

1. Make the title exciting and attention-grabbing 

Like any other form of marketing, lead generation quizzes also need compelling titles. if your quiz for lead generation fails to have one, chances are that it will be lost in the heaps of content posted on the internet every single second. Here you can check the best White Label Lead Generation Software Your Competitors are Using

2. Choose a good quiz maker and plugin 

Regardless of whether your quiz is funny, entertaining, or informative; you need to create it professionally. There is a plethora of quiz-making tools and plugins on the internet to help you out with this. You gotta be choosing the right ones to ensure that your lead generation quiz is created the right way. 

A few of the quiz-making tools are Survey Gizmo, Paperform, and Hubspot. 

You can also use a professional plugin to help you with it wherever necessary. One such mention-worthy plugin is PopUp Anything. Let’s take a quick look at the features of this amazing WordPress popup plugin

PopUp Anything- A Marketing PopUp Plugin 

The plugin is aimed at helping business owners to pop anything by just clicking on the button, image, or link. 

It also helps you track user behavior which is indeed a great feature. It has a clean and user-friendly interface that can help your content/quiz pop out and capture the attention of users. 

There are several design options to choose from and the best part is that creating a popup is just a few minutes affair. And to your surprise as amazing as it could get, the plugin facilitates 9 positions and 7 effects that you can truly leverage to your advantage. 

More features: 

  • Page Load Popup
  • Inactivity Popup
  • Scroll Up & Down Popup
  • Exit Intent Popup
  • Element Click Popup (Link, Image, Button, Div)
  • Bar Popup
  • Push Notification Popup
  • Slide In Popup
  • Referrer, UTM & Cookies Based Popup
  • Adblocker Popup and many more

1. Do not create lengthy quizzes 

It is wonderful to create intriguing quizzes that keep the users guessing, but it may get tempting for you to create time-consuming and lengthy quizzes which frankly isn’t a good idea. 

Here stick to ‘the three-minute rule. As you know today internet users are fed with tons of digital information and they have short attention spans. Creating a quiz that takes more than 3 minutes might make them leave the quiz halfway. So, your lead generation quizzes must not be too lengthy. 

2. Make your quizzes interesting 

Capturing the attention of quiz takers is one thing and keeping their interest intact is another. If you make your quizzes for lead generation captivating and intriguing enough with visual appeal, you will see the quiz takers holding on till the very end. 

It is a proven fact that lead-generation quizzes with images convert 43 percent more than mere text-based quizzes. You must only use high-resolution and relevant images that make sense. Choosing images in which the subject is looking directly at the camera works wonders. Also, you can check Mobile Lead Generation: Proven Marketing Tips to Grow Your List

3. Keep your lead forms to the point 

The majority of quiz-making tools and WordPress plugins allow you to capture the quiz taker’s email address (of course with their due consent) and after all, that’s what you wished for. 

Here it is important to keep the lead form concise and to the point. Going overboard with this and asking the quiz taker for too much information more often than not comes as a bummer. 

Make sure that you keep 5 or fewer fields to make it a win-win for both. This way you will be able to capture all the vital information without disappointing the quiz takers. 


Having a lead generation quiz in place is indeed a good idea; however, like every other aspect of your marketing strategy, this needs to be properly managed too. When created and used the right way, it will work miraculously for your campaign. For more information related to quizzes for lead generation, feel free to touch base with us.

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