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Meta Slider and Carousel with Lightbox – WordPress Plugin

A picture can speak a thousand words, and when you have a website, images are must to attract the visitors and retain them on the web page so that they look at your products or services and go for them. Meta Slider and Carousel with Lightbox is a revolutionary WordPress plugin developed by a renowned WordPress development company WP OnlineSupport.

What is the WP plugin all about?

The Meta Slider and Carousel with Lightbox is a feature-rich plugin customized to your business needs. By using the tool, you can play with the pictures and integrate them into your website or blog. Here are the benefits of having the plugin:

  • Completely free version
  • Add gallery to your post
  • Create an image gallery menu tab
  • Boastfully display a gallery on a homepage
  • You may choose upon a slider or carousel for displaying beautiful images
  • Using shortcode will make things easier than ever before.

Why should you go for WP OnlineSupport plugin?

With more than 2000 downloads (and counting) within a short period of its launch, the plugin is pretty famous amongst webmasters all across the world. The Meta Slider and Carousel with Lightbox enables you to build up an eye-catching slideshow on your web page.

Integrating the plugin is very easy, and it does not require any special instructions. It has very simple yet intuitive user interface. You can improve the overall look of your homepage or blog by adding a gallery meta box to the WordPress post or page section.

By adding pictures, photographs, or image gallery under the post or page, the visual appeal of the content increases manifold.

The shortcodes

Shortcodes are extremely helpful to customize WordPress. Plugins with shortcodes help the developers or webmasters to manage content without any hassle. Here are the added three shortcodes that make the Meta Slider and Carousel with Lightbox a preferred tool to show up the visuals in a better and attractive way.

Here are the unique codes for the plugin:

  1. Gallery Carousel with Lightbox
  2. Gallery Slider with Lightbox
  3. Gallery Slider that has the option to manage width with Lightbox.

Salient features of the plugin

Essential Plugin develops wonderful WordPress plugins customized to your website. Here are the salient features of WP plugin:

  • Variable width possible
  • Navigation slider for image size
  • 15+ eye-catching designs
  • Fully responsive design
  • Slider RTL support
  • Navigation columns settings

Install the very useful plugin now and augment your website or blog’s value in the visitors’ view. By having such a plugin, you have better chances not just to attract more visitors but also to retain them that further may help you turn the visitors into potential customers.