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Mobile Lead Generation: Proven Marketing Tips to Grow Your List

Does your business have a significant clientele from mobile browsers?

Do you know 70% of the customers shop via mobile? If you are running an online website but are not finding any massive signups or sales from mobile devices, there is definitely something lacking on your website.

Well, you can tell it is poor UI/UX or poor responsiveness of your website, or lack of engagement; but yes, you need to work on it to generate enough mobile leads.  Here you can check the Best White label software Software Your Competitors are Using 

So, how will you work on mobile lead generation? 

The ‘Essential Plugin’ is a WordPress plugin design and development company. We have got technical WordPress experts who build awesome WordPress Plugins for giving more life to your website platform or store. 

Our WordPress experts have some proven tips to share for mobile lead generation. So, let’s begin with it.

5 Proven Tips for Mobile Lead Generation Strategy

For sure, the mobile lead generation technique requires a visual of your website that has an in-depth engagement or a form of communication to allow mobile visitors to spend more time on your website. Our WordPress Experts are here sharing the proven tips for mobile lead generation techniques. 

1. Use a Mobile Popup

Mobile popups are highly effective for generating leads on your website. The primary reason for using mobile popups is traffic conversion. Your website may have a lot of visitors, but to convert those visitors into customers, you need marketing popups. These mobile popups are interesting props that help get the visitor’s email ID or phone number for helping you convert them into a customer. 

WordPress plugin development companies help you convert your traffic with marketing pop-ups, widgets, or Plugins. Well, Essential Plugin has designed Popup Anything – A Marketing Popup to help you convert and monetize your mobile web traffic. 

Popup Anything – A Marketing Popup

Popup Anything – A Marketing Popup: Features 

  • It helps in creating a popup within minutes. No technical knowledge is required. 
  • It offers a wide range of popup types. Choose from ten different types of popup styles to engage mobile visitors. 
  • It is compatible with most the WordPress themes
  • The plugin helps create stunning offers on your website, followed by A/B testing to help you analyze which offer template works the best in converting traffic. 
  • The plugin also offers to schedule mobile popup for a particular date or time. You can therefore manage your marketing campaign in advance. 
  • It offers popup analytics to help you find users’ mobile engagement on your website and store impressions. 

Mobile popups have always resulted in a positive outcome for online websites or stores. You can try downloading this WordPress Popup Plugin for free and later judge the difference of traffic conversion before subscribing to the premium version(Check Pro Demo). 

2. Mobile Responsiveness

Any website needs to be 100% responsive. Today, 70% of the traffic of any online store is generated from mobile users; in this case, a poor responsive website can fail to impress the visitors. 

Let’s take an example. Are you turning on your laptop or desktop to visit a website, or do you use your mobile or iPad to visit websites? Well, I am sure you are using the handiest device for browsing any website. And it is definitely a smartphone.  Hence, having a mobile responsive website is quite essential for attracting visitors and lead generation. 

When discussing the mobile website examples, having a responsive website stands crucial from a lead generation perspective. 

3. Website Speed

One of the reasons that websites fail to engage customers is their website speed. When a website fails to load within two to three seconds, the visitor or the customer will press the back button and browse another website. Indeed, your poor website speed can be beneficial to your competitor’s website. 

So, when you are talking about the mobile lead generation strategy, you must never compromise with your website speed. It needs to be quick enough to help your visitor stay on your website. 

4. Designing CTA Buttons

For generating mobile leads for your website, you need to have appropriate CTA buttons on your website. CTA buttons help the website visitors in taking proper action on their thoughts while browsing your website. Hence, if you have a mobile-friendly website, a lack of CTA can never generate leads. 

Therefore, whenever you are designing a website with mobile responsiveness, you must never forget to design the right CTA buttons to help the customers read your website content or offers. It is one of the best mobile lead generation strategies. 

5. Responsive Mobile Forms

Another major website element that helps in generating leads from your mobile visitors is responsive mobile form. When you have designed forms on your website for getting customer details, they must be responsive. The responsive mobile forms help you generate quick leads from mobile visitors as they find it easy to fill and submit the details. 

Many website form plugins are available with the WordPress plugin directory to help you install and activate forms on your website. Choosing WPForms can also help you design and activate mobile responsive forms on your website or eCommerce store.

Wrap Up!

Mobile lead generation strategies help your online business to generate quick and quality leads. Our WordPress experts have listed the top five mobile lead techniques for generating and converting traffic. I hope that helps!

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