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Resell WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins

Until a couple of years ago, most WordPress themes and plugins had a single one-off cost would get you a premium plugin plus unlimited updates and support FOREVER.

It includes:-

1) New Features
2) Latest Web Technologies
3) Update WordPress Versions
4) Unlimited Support Queries

No- Viable Company can afford to do such a high amount of work for so little money. So, in future, the sales of that company goes down to serve new customers and at the same time responses to the support queries of existing customers.

So what’s the alternative?

If the customer expects ongoing plugin support and updates, it will be not FREE of cost.

The biggest marketplaces in the WordPress industry make you pay after every 6 months to continue accessing support.

1) CodeCanyon (Pay After Every 6 Month)
2) ThemeForest (Pay After Every 6 Month)

Other WordPress companies like Easy Digital Downloads automatically signup to an annual subscription when you buy a plugin. You continue receiving support and updates unless you cancel.

Maybe new features are not something that you necessarily want? In fact, maybe you are satisfied with the functionality you currently have and you don’t need more? Well, you are still likely to be concerned about bugs.

Software bugs can come in many shapes and sizes. A bug could be enormous such as preventing users from using a plugin or it could be very small and only concern a certain part of a theme for example. In some cases, bugs can even be serious security holes.

In the next couple of years, all WordPress Development Companies accept this model. The market needed to correct itself in this way and will be more robust in the long-term as a result.

Can I buy a plugin once then cancel my subscription?

If you cancel then you can generally continue using the plugin for as long as you like. After the first year-ends, you won’t be able to install future plugin updates or access support.

So, We developed a process that on auto renewal plugin licenses will be renewed automatically.