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6 Stunning WooCommerce Blog Plugins to Boost Reader Engagement

Are you into blogging and looking for the best ways to boost reader engagement?

As you may probably know millions of blog posts are published every day and the majority of them do not get viewed or fail to keep the readers engaged. 

You need the right set of tools to make your WooCommerce blog engaging by using the right blog plugins. 

In this post, we have listed some of the best custom WooCommerce plugins in the market right now. 

1. All-in-one SEO

All-in-one SEO

All-in-one SEO is one of the most sought-after WooCommerce plugins to boost your SEO prospects. The plugin costs just $49.50 per year for a site. 

It comes equipped with a whole array of features and tools you would need for blog optimization. Improve your search engine rankings by leveraging All-in-one SEO. All it requires is telling the keywords you are targeting and the plugin takes care of the rest. 

It is an advanced plugin that tells you how your keywords are performing. Below are listed some more features of All-in-one SEO.


  • Easy to use 
  • The social media integration feature
  • Create clickable titles using the built-in title checker
  • SEO audit
  • Modern WooCommerce functionality
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PopUp Anything is an amazing blog plugin that helps you convert and monetize website traffic. 

There are 9 positions and 7 effects to make the most of. Also, it allows you to insert any content type such as HTML, shortcodes, images, etc. 

As the name suggests the plugin offers a whole gamut of popup options such as slide-in popup, bar popup, scroll up and down a popup, page load popup, and push notification popup to name a few. There are tons of other features you will find quite useful. 


  • Customize display settings 
  • No coding needed
  • Create visually appealing offers
  • Enable or disable A/B testing 
  • Add campaign title and adjust popup appearance
  • Page Load Popup
  • Inactivity Popup
  • Scroll Up & Down Popup
  • Exit Intent Popup
  • Element Click Popup (Link, Image, Button, Div)
  • Bar Popup
  • Push Notification Popup
  • Slide In Popup
  • Referrer, UTM & Cookies Based Popup
  • Adblocker Popup and many more
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3. Multilingual Press 

Multilingual Press

Here comes another must-have WooCommerce plugin- Multilingual Press.

This plugin powers your store with multilingual functionality. With a multi-language supported blog or store in place, you can expand your reach to international readers.

It is a lightweight plugin that ensures your site doesn’t slow down. Only one language per site is loaded and you can even customize the design of each language as per your preferences.

Let’s take a look at some more features of Multilingual Press. The plugin starts at $99 per year for 3 languages and 1 multisite. 


  • Supports over 800 languages
  • Easy synchronization with Yoast SEO
  • Automatic language redirection
  • WooCommerce optimization

4. WooCommerce My Account Widget 

WooCommerce My Account Widget

If you are looking for a free WooCommerce plugin that works wonders for your blog or store then WooCommerce My Account Widget is the one to go for. The widget allows your readers to access their shopping cart, account details, and recent orders. 

Besides, it allows you to showcase user-specific unique information within the widget. Here are some more features of this amazing WooCommerce blog plugin. 

More features: 

  • Display reader information easily 
  • Excellent compatibility with different languages
  • Show the log-in form when readers are logged out. 
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5. HubSpot for WooCommerce 

HubSpot for WooCommerce

HubSpot hardly needs any introduction as it has been a pioneer in marketing and customer relationship management. HubSpot for WooCommerce allows businesses to do quite a lot with one click.

The plugin is free and if you are looking for more functionalities and features, you can upgrade to the paid version that starts at $45/month. 

It has amazing email design and management tools to help you stay connected with your readers. There are plenty of other features that are listed below.

More features:  

  • Drag and drop editor
  • Access to analytics 
  • Email marketing feature
  • WooCommerce synchronization 
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6. ReferralCandy 


ReferralCandy is a wonderful plugin that allows you to enhance your customer base by rewarding them with alluring perks such as discount offers and goodies.

You can boost customer and reader engagement quite significantly by using this plugin. ReferralCandy starts at just $49 per month. 

Below are listed some more features of ReferralCandy 

More features: 

  • Great compatibility with other marketing apps
  • Customizability 
  • Track referral sales
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If you are a news or magazine website or run a standalone blog, you must consider using a good blog plugin to boost reader engagement. We have compiled the list of the best WooCommerce plugins and if you prepare a list of your needs, you will certainly be able to create a good strategy. For more information related to essential WooCommerce plugins, feel free to get in touch with us.

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