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Surefire Tips to Create an Engaging WordPress Call to Action

Increasing your website traffic is your primary goal and if you have been able to do so, you and your team certainly deserve applause; however, that’s not the end goal. Your end goal is to convert the traffic into buying customers & subscribers and that’s where call-to-action buttons come into the picture. If you are a WordPress user there are several simple ways to place call-to-action buttons on your website. 

What Is A Call To Action Button?

A call-to-action or CTA as it is called is aimed at capturing the attention of your website visitors and persuading them to take a particular action. It could be buying your products or subscribing to your newsletters and emails

In this post, we are going through some of the most effective ways to create effective call-to-action buttons; however, before we do that let’s take a look at some of the most common CTAs you would find on the internet. 

There are numerous WordPress call-to-action types which are listed below: 

Types of Call-To-Action Buttons Commonly Seen 

  • Download your free eBook
  • Subscribe to our free newsletters
  • Buy now 
  • Join our webinar 
  • Start my free trial 
  • Get a quote 

Tips to Optimize Your WordPress Call-to-Action Buttons 

Optimizing your WordPress call-to-action calls for taking a key few steps. Below are listed some of the essential elements you gotta focus on in the process. 

1. Use big call-to-action buttons 

Your WordPress call-to-action button must be prominently visible and for this very reason, it must be bigger as compared to all other buttons. Big-sized call-to-actions grab your visitors’ attention and convert better. 

Large-sized call-to-action buttons naturally draw your customers’ attention, but you have to draw a line here. The button must not be annoyingly huge as it would only irritate your visitors. Also, check our best WordPress Plugins list which is all included in our EssentialPlugin bundle plan.

2. Vibrant colors 

Colors play an instrumental role in the online world and when it comes to your call-to-action buttons, they become even more important. Choose the color of your WordPress call-to-action button wisely and keep the color scheme of your website in mind while doing so. 

Choose vibrant colors that make your call-to-action button stand out. Also, the font color also plays a crucial role here. It must be in contrast with the background color of your button. 

3. Invoke action through wording 

Experts suggest using verbs while creating the wording as they invoke a sense of action. Depending on your needs you can use ‘Buy Now’, ‘Learn More’, ‘Download free resources’, etc. 

The simpler you keep your wording the better. Using technical jargon or complicated words doesn’t work, in fact, they drive away your customers. 

4. Positioning of your call-to-action button 

The placement of your call now button is as important as the rest of the elements mentioned In this post. You must consider using the button next to the sections where informative content is. It will drive your customers to take action right away. You can also use multiple WordPress call-to-action buttons depending on the length of your page or content. it helps remind your customers about taking action. 

5. Test your CTAs

So you are done with designing and labeling a perfect CTA, and it is time to test it. You must go for split testing to find out whether it is working the way it is intended or not. If you use a good WordPress call-to-action plugin, it would become even easier. We are going to talk about that in a while, but the point here is to make your call-to-action buttons as effective as possible and when you test them, it is a reality check of their effectiveness. 

6. Use good WordPress call-to-action plugins 

Using a feature-rich WordPress call-to-action plugin would make your life really easy as you can create an effective call now button in just a few seconds. There are myriads of plugins out there in the market; however, we would like to mention this wonderful plugin called PopUp Anything

PopUp Anything is a wonderfully coded WordPress call-to-action plugin with all the necessary features you would need. This WordPress Popup Plugin helps you create beautiful popups with call-to-action buttons that would invoke a sense of action. 

It has a clean user interface and is extremely easy to use. You can also track user events on clicks. The best part is that there are 9 positions and 7 effects for creating mesmerizing popups.

You can also insert any type of content including HTML, images, shortcodes, etc. Different types of popups you can create with this awesome plugin are: 

  • Slide-in
  • Push notification
  • Bar Popup
  • Exit intent
  • Adblocker 
  • Page load
  • Inactivity 

More features: 

  • Advance setting options 
  • Store impression data 
  • Enable or disable A/B testing 


Creating a well-designed and coded call-to-action button can boost your conversion rates quite significantly. Keeping the tips mentioned in this post in mind and playing around with the button designs with creativity will fetch you amazing dividends in the long run.

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