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The Best Email List Building Tools for Online Business Growth

Many modern marketers make us feel that email marketing is an old-school technique. 

Don’t believe it! Because it is not!

Even today, online marketers manage their leads with the help of email marketing and list-building tools. 

Email list building is all about generating the list of your email subscribers for helping them convert into leads anytime soon. 

Our blog post will talk about the best email list-building tools for helping your business grow exponentially. 

Let’s start!

Email List Building Tools for Online Business Growth

Any business needs growth to survive. Just like your offline business experiences growth by offering good service and attention, your online business grows by reaching prospects with offers and news.

But, how would you reach your prospects for sharing your exclusive business offers? 

The answer is ‘list building tools.’

The list building tools that are designed for websites are plugins that help in generating your leads. So, let’s talk about the best WordPress email list building plugins. 

Popup Anything – A Marketing Popup is a list building tool designed for WordPress websites. WordPress Popup Plugin has the concept of building attractive popup offers for generating the email list. It is one of the most trending and proven marketing methods for increasing your subscriber’s list. 

Are you wondering how it helps to generate your email list?

For generating an email list, the first thing that your website needs is attention from the visitors. And secondly, the urge to help the visitors in subscribing for the services for helping the company to build the email list. 

You get the different types of popup designs. Moreover, each can be placed at nine different website locations, thereby helping the visitors get attracted to the popup content and design.

Popup Anything WordPress Plugin

The wide range of popup bars includes:

  1. Page Load Popup
  2. Inactivity Popup
  3. Scroll Up & Down Popup
  4. Exit Intent Popup
  5. Element Click Popup (Link, Image, Button, Div)
  6. Bar Popup
  7. Push Notification Popup
  8. Slide-In Popup
  9. Referrer, UTM & Cookies Based Popup
  10. Adblocker Popup 

‘Popup Anything’ is an email list building WordPress Plugin that helps the website owner create the different popup campaigns offers stunning offers followed by advanced settings and A/B testing options. After going through the attractive offers, it is obvious that website visitors can get attracted and fill the email form to get the benefits of the attractive campaign. 

Further, this email listing tool can help you run an effective email marketing campaign using any of the popular email marketing tools like Mailchimp, Drip, or Hubspot. For pricing and plans, you can visit their official website. 

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2. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a lead generation tool for helping businesses to build their email list. It is a similar email listing building tool like Popup Anything to help design optin campaigns for getting customer attention and engagement. 

The plugin offers different types of popup banners to help create engagement for getting leads. Also, it has got the A/B testing option to help you select the most preferred campaign from the running ones. 

Popup Plugin – Optinmonster

What does it offer?

  • Lead capture forms
  • Readymade templates
  • Exit-intent technology
  • Page-level targeting
  • Advance traffic redirection
  • Analytics 
  • A/B testing

It is one of the most used plugins for generating email lists. However, especially when you want to build your online audience, you must get this email list-building tool from WordPress. For pricing and plans, you can visit their official website. 

3. WPForms 

When your website needs a form builder for generating lists, you can’t think of a better plugin than WPForms. It is a drag and drop form builder tool to help website owners generate different website forms.  Also, it is one of the most popular and trending lead generation tools for WordPress. 

WP Forms

WPForms helps you to build:

  • Contact Forms
  • Payment Forms
  • Survey Forms
  • Newsletter Forms
  • Registration Forms

This popup plugin is mobile-friendly and is responsive to help your website get instant responses from visitors. Using the plugin, the website owner can instantly build the forms without any technical assistance, which is an add-on. For pricing and plans, you can visit their official website. 


So, we have listed the top three email list-building tools for the WordPress website. You can either download these plugins on a free trial or subscribe to the premium version to get full access to features.

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