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The Best WordPress Countdown Plugins in 2021

Do you run an online store with plenty of new and exciting products for your target customers? 

If yes, you have to create hype around your products and upcoming offers to boost sales. One of the most popular and best ways to do that is to use a WordPress countdown plugin on your website. 

Are you wondering how it is going to benefit you and what are the best WordPress countdown timer plugins available for you? Let’s find out right away. 

1. Countdown Timer- Widget Countdown 

Create attractive and functional timers for your WordPress websites by using this plugin that happens to be one of the best WordPress countdown timer plugins. Being a premier WordPress countdown widget, this plugin offers infinite customization possibilities. 

You can place the widget in any section of your website such as a post or page. This plugin doesn’t need in-depth technical knowledge which makes it a preferred countdown timer for WordPress. 


  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Fully responsive 
  • Use of CSS3 at the backend
  • Highly compatible with all top WordPress themes
  • Customize the action type and message according to your preferences
  • 39 animation effects, circle & vertical slider timers and premium support in the pro version

2. Countdown Timer- Ultimate 

Countdown Timer- Ultimate is a highly intuitive WordPress countdown plugin that must be used with your WordPress website. Users are in awe of this wonderful plugin due to the features it offers. It allows you to display fully customizable HTML5 countdown timers on any section of your website. Whether you want to display a countdown timer on your posts or other pages, this countdown timer for WordPress is all you need. 


  • Responsive and SEO friendly
  • Design as many timers as you want 
  • 13 style types inclusive of circle, vertical flip, bar clock, round clock, night clock, and modern clock among others
  • Fixed or default timer for events or occasions
  • Evergreen timer 
  • Scheduled timer 
  • Recurring timer 
  • Multi-language functionality 
  • eCommerce integration 
  • RTL support
  • Custom CSS editing flexibility 
  • Useful shortcode builder
  • Change the background color and width with sheer ease 
  • Rotate the circle background 
  • Customizable options to display days, hours, units or seconds
  • Get extended features in the pro version- custom CSS, customizable clock, and 12+ clock & timer designs 

3. Evergreen Countdown Timer 

Next up is Evergreen Countdown Timer. This functional plugin can detect users by using their IP address or cookies. 

This WordPress counter plugin is easy to use and you can make the necessary changes in the manager section to achieve desired results. 

Use simple shortcodes to display counters on any section of your WordPress website. If you wish to redirect users to a particular URL once the timer hits zero, you can easily do that. 


  • Intuitive 
  • Improve your sales funnel by integrating it with your email marketing funnel. 
  • Personalization capabilities 
  • Shortcode builder to display timers 
  • Provide a countdown for available spots such as seats or tickets in the pro version
  • Custom CSS in pro version 
  • Unlimited colors and automatic resetting time in pro version 

4. Hurry Timer 

If you are looking for the best of both worlds in a plugin then this countdown timer for WordPress is your answer. It allows you to create both regular and evergreen timers incredibly easily. If you intend to display a countdown between two dates, you can do that as well with this plugin. 

Another salient feature of Hurry Timer is its compatibility with WooCommerce. The best part of the timer is its evergreen timer that uses IP addresses and cookies both for displaying timers according to specific users. 


  • Choice of both regular and evergreen timers. 
  • Create and display an announcement bar at the top or bottom of the screen in pro version. 
  • Option to show the same timer more than once on the same page 
  • Call-to-action buttons 
  • Run a campaign between two dates fixed dates  
  • Expiry actions such as URL redirection, display message, hide countdown timer, and hide WooCommerce product ‘add-to-cart’ button
  • Set up recurring timers in pro version 
  • More expiry actions and priority support in pro version

5. WordPress Countdown Widget 

WordPress Countdown Widget is a highly recommended countdown timer. It has already gained an immense reputation in the market over the years. And why not when it has so much to offer to its users? 

Like thousands of other users, if you are also looking for a reliable plugin that works wonders for you, then your search comes to an end with this countdown timer WordPress plugin. 

This plugin allows users to add countdown timers anywhere on their website- page, post, or sidebars. You do not need to be a techie to use this plugin as it is pretty simple to use. 


  • Drag and drop functionality 
  • Use shortcode builder 
  • User-friendly back-end 
  • Ability to type message after time expiry 
  • Select action after time expiry 
  • Use of CSS3 makes it a preferred choice 
  • Display weeks, hours, days and seconds 
  • 39 amazing animation effects in pro version 
  • Choose the background color in pro version 
  • Premium support 

6. One Click Countdowns 

Despite being new on the block, this phenomenal WordPress countdown plugin became popular amongst users quickly. It deserves to be your go-to countdown plugin if you want several features in one place. 

You can create as many countdown timers as you wish because this plugin doesn’t put on any restrictions. It is SEO friendly as well and offers plenty of other features that are mentioned below. 


  • Shortcode and widget option 
  • Smooth transitions
  • Oh and 3D cubical styles 
  • More than 600 fonts 
  • Unlimited colors 
  • Quick translation form for the units of time. 
  • Create unlimited timers 
  • Hide or display countdown
  • Numerous finish options- redirect and trigger DOM events 


As you may have realized there are numerous options available in the market. Whether you are an established eCommerce business in the market or a new corporation aspiring to touch newer heights; using a countdown timer for WordPress can help you boost sales quite significantly. All of these plugins mentioned above have turned out to be immensely beneficial for businesses of all sizes. 

Hope you found the post informative. For more information related to WordPress plugins, get in touch with us. Stay Tuned!