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Top 10 Types Of Website Popup

In this blog, we are going to talk about the 10 important types of website popups. According to your website or business type, you can choose and set up any one of the pop ups which suits your website. 

Let’s Start With One Of The Seven-

1. Scroll up/ Down Popup

This popup is triggered when the user scrolls up or down on the page, allowing you to present relevant offers or messages without interrupting the user experience. Scrolling up/down popups can be a great way to engage users without interrupting the user experience.

They are especially effective when used to present relevant offers and messages according to user behaviour. This type of popup can boost engagement and conversions when used effectively.

2. Bar Popup

Bar pop ups are a type of popup that appears at the top or bottom of a page and typically contains a message about promotions or offers. They are used to quickly grab the user’s attention without taking up too much space on the page. 

Bar pop ups are effective when used to provide site visitors with timely or relevant offers. Bar pop ups can be effective for any website looking to quickly grab user attention and prompt them to take action.

They can be especially beneficial for sites that need to relay important information or discounts to their visitors in a timely manner. 

3. Schedule Popup

A scheduled popup is a type of popup that is programmed to appear at a predetermined time. This can be a useful tool to reach users who visit your site at regular intervals or to display timely offers and messages.

If you want your visitors to be notified about your messages on time then a schedule popup will be a better choice for your website.

4. Inline Popup

An inline popup is a popup that appears within the context of a page, usually in the form of a box or window. This type of popup can be used to provide additional information or discounts without interrupting the user experience. In order to boost your conversions and highly engage your visitors you should go for an inline popup.

5. Exit Intent Popup

An exit intent popup appears when the user is about to leave the page. This type of popup is an effective way to capture the attention of your users in an effort to encourage them for further engagement and conversions.

They can be especially beneficial for sites that need to present timely information or offers in order to engage visitors who are about to leave the site.

6. Push Notification Popup

Push notification popups are a type of popup used to deliver messages or alerts directly to a user’s desktop or mobile device. This type of popup can be an effective way to stay connected and keep users informed of new offers or updates.

7. Slide in Popup

When you scroll down a website, a certain kind of popup called a “slide in popup” “slides in” from the side. It appears at a certain time on the screen to notify and engage them through your popup while your user will be exploring the website.

An online form known as a lightbox popup appears over the webpage you are now viewing. When it displays, the background of the webpage is darkened, making the form stand out.

It is known to be the most popular way to collect email addresses with lightbox popups is through opt-in campaigns. They can be used to show just about any call to action (such as “Like us on Facebook”)

9. Gamified Popup

Gamified pop ups are used to create a popup in a fun way or to attract customers’ interest. Everyone loves to attempt their luck in any game. If you use gamified popups which mostly have the spin the wheel game then it is sure that 90% of your visitors will stay on the website and may explore your option on the popup. 

Example– Creating a path that combines tasks and quizzes with a point system and scoreboard would be an effective example of gamification. Using this method, workers advance their expertise while competing with one another to fully grasp the software.

10. Full-Screen Popup

Full screen popups are a specific kind of graphical user interface (GUI) display area that unexpectedly appears or pops up as a window on the user’s screen, completely enclosing the screen.

The website interface brings it to the front. Like other popup varieties, full-screen popups are typically produced using JavaScript.

The general goal of popups is to target an audience, advertise content, and products, or inform site users of promotions, events, announcements, etc.


Having a popup on your website will definitely benefit you. These 10 types of popups are mostly used by website owners and all these types are offered by our ‘Popup Anything Plugin’.

You don’t have to search and download various pop ups but you’ll get all the used and effective popups under our Popup Anything Plugin. Download it and benefit yourself!

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