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WooCommerce Custom Product Designer Plugins At A Glance

Are you looking to add advanced custom fields for better product design of your WooCommerce store?

WooCommerce comes equipped with numerous standard fields such as name, categories, tags, pricing, and product specifications; however, you want your online store to offer more or less the same experience a reputed brick and mortar store offers. 

To augment sales and improve customer experience, you would need advanced custom fields. Developing WooCommerce product designers isn’t as difficult as you think if you know the types of WP eCommerce custom fields and choose the right plugin. 

Types of WooCommerce Custom Fields Explained 

There are usually 2 types of WooCommerce custom fields. 

1. Custom Fields to Add Extra Info About Your Products 

Custom fields are used to add extra info to your posts or pages. It could be extra text fields, size information, colors options, pricing, images, and videos among others. 

2. Custom Fields to Pitch Add-On Products 

Technically speaking extra product options aren’t really custom fields; however, in the eCommerce industry, more often than not when people refer to custom fields, they mean pitching extra product options to their customers. 

You can add extra fields in the form of radio buttons, drop-downs, and checkboxes, etc. 

So, what are the benefits of using a WooCommerce custom product designer? 

Advantages of Using WooCommerce Custom Product Designer

As a visionary eCommerce business, you must leverage WooCommerce custom product designer to your benefit, as it presents extra/ similar products or accessories to customers promptly. 

Customers appreciate a personalized experience and this amazing feature boosts your conversion rates. If you think adding a WooCommerce custom product designer just helps augment sales, you couldn’t be more wrong. 

This state-of-the-art feature also automates several processes and gives insight into what your customers like and what they don’t. 

So, now you understand what custom WooCommerce product designers are, their types, and advantages, but not sure how to get started. 

There are oodles of WooCommerce product designer plugins available on the internet and we’ve compiled a list of the best of them all for you. 

The Best WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins At A Glance 

1. Extra Product Options Plugin for WooCommerce 

WooCommerce Plugin

Developed by Theme High, Extra Product Options Plugin for WooCommerce enables users to make optimum use of more than 20 different fields. 

These fields have variegated options such as single or multiple options for a product. There are a whole array of text and color options and adjusting dynamic pricing is a breeze with this plugin. 

There is a myriad of other features that are listed below: 

Other Features: 

  • Conditional control of fields based on product categories, tags, and roles. 
  • Seamless compatibility with the majority of plugins and WordPress themes. 
  • Feature to control dynamic pricing of products. 
  • Drag and drop feature to move and arrange fields. 
  • Group similar products. 

There are different pricing plans available. The fee for one website is just $39, while for 5 and 25 sites it is $69 and $129 respectively. 

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2. Product Categories Designs for WooCommerce 

WooCommerce Product Categories Designs

This is inarguably the best WooCommerce custom product designer available in the market right now. It has more than 2,000 active installs already and the list of features tells you why. 

It has 2 layouts, more than 10 designs, and a grid & carousel view for categories. If you need to use page builders such as Gutenberg, Beaver, Elementor, and WPBakery or Siteorigin, you can do so as this plugin demonstrates with all major page builders. 

There are oodles of other features offered by Product Categories Designs for WooCommerce which are listed as under: 

More Features: 

  • Choose to display or exclude specific categories. 
  • Display title and description for each category. 
  • Display product count. 
  • Shortcode ready. 
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3. Woo Product Slider & Carousel Category 

WooCommerce Product Slider and Carousel With Category

Your WooCommerce store is incomplete without engaging sliders that let customers know about the best-selling, featured, best-rated, and discounted products. 

Harness Woo Product Slider & Carousel Category to create remarkable SEO-friendly sliders. If needed you can create multiple sliders. To get you started, there are 8 pre-built layouts and more than 50 design templates. No wonder, it has more than 10k downloads and installs and the number is increasing exponentially. 

Like every plugin offered by Essential Plugin, this one too shows fascinating compatibility with all WordPress themes and page builders. 

More Features: 

  • Custom CSS editor. 
  • Display product rating. 
  • Show products in the slider, grid, and center mode. 
  • Display recent products. 
  • Easily adjust the number of cells in sliders. 
  • An infinite number of sliders. 
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4. Product Addons for WooCommerce and Custom Product Options

Product Addon for WooCommerce
Product Addon for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Product Addons plugin helps you to customize your product page and provides 16+ different custom product field types. It allows you to add, edit or reposition the custom and default product fields with customizable options.

Explore its dynamic fields feature and custom price fields. File uploading options are available to increase your conversion rate. Simple to use and well-performing one. Comes with a user-friendly interface.

Let your customers personalize their purchases with its simple drag and drop builder.

Key Features:

  • Multi-select & Help text features
  • Custom price fields
  • Multiple file uploading feature
  • Enable / Disable fields
  • WPML form translation
  • Section positioning
  • Easily customizable options
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WP eCommerce custom fields are meant for facilitating extra convenience to your customers and showing more product options which is a win-win for both eCommerce stores and the customers. The WooCommerce product designer plugins are the best ones in the market at the moment and you should go through their features and make a list of your needs to pick the right one. Also, you can contact us or view our plugin bundle plans.

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