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Top 5 Creative Designs For WordPress Pricing Table

A high-converting WordPress pricing table converts leads into customers. 

So, let me share some awesome design fundamentals for creating a high-converting WordPress pricing table for your online or offline business. 

Websites that deal in any business for selling monthly or yearly plans require a pricing table to display on the pricing page. 

The pricing page must be attractive enough to get the plans sold. 

What is a high-converting WordPress pricing table?

We all have seen pricing table examples while visiting different websites where we wish to buy a plan. A pricing table never offers a single plan. It offers a minimum of three plans to help the customers choose the best one. But for creating a high-converting pricing grid, you need to follow some really good marketing tricks. 

So, let me share five awesome design strategies for creating a high-converting WordPress pricing table.

1. Design A Responsive Pricing Table

In technical language, your website needs to be responsive with different elements for helping your visitors get the same information while accessing your page from different platforms. 

If you have downloaded a WordPress Pricing Table Plugin, you need to make sure it is 100% responsive, or else the viewers who are visiting your website from mobile might miss a lot of information. 

So, always pin it as the #1 design strategy while displaying a pricing table on your website. It should be 100% responsive. 

Where can I get a fully responsive WordPress pricing table design or plugin?

Essential Plugin has developed various WordPress plugins for extending the functionality of your existing webpage. WP Pricing Table Ultimate Pro is one of the most essential WordPress pricing table plugins for websites, who wish to display their web app or SAAS plans on their website. 

It covers various elements of the pricing table design, including responsiveness, highlighted fonts, footer buttons, customization, advanced settings, and image icons. 

Here is how WordPress Pricing Table Ultimate Pro helps you with a high-converting pricing grid for showcasing your business or service plans.  

2. Limit Your Plans 

“Too much is confusing and boring.”

Customers to whom you wish to display the plans get confused by reading multiple options of plans. Hence, it is important to keep your plans to a limited number or option. 

So, how many plans should you display on your pricing page?

For helping your customers pick the best plan easily and quickly, it is best to show them a maximum of four plans on your website’s pricing page. 

Also, the pricing grids must be easily comparable to one another to help the customer make a difference. 

Here is an image depicting a pricing page of popular invoicing software. It has displayed only three plans for its customers as its high-converting pricing plan strategy. 

3. Differentiate The Plans Without Any Confusion 

The less you confuse, the quicker you sell. 

Why would you confuse your customers and make your sales slow?

Rather help your customers with a simple comparable pricing table, where they can differentiate what each pricing table offers and why there is a difference of rate between each plan.

It would be best to design a pricing grid with bold fonts that you offer with the plan and a strikethrough or lighter fonts for the features you don’t offer. 

11 Pricing Table Designs That Really Sell | Webdesigner Depot Webdesigner  Depot » Blog Archive

It is one of the pricing table examples of how easily you can help your customers differentiate between the features of different pricing plans placed on your pricing page. 

4. Highlight The Best Plan

When you are designing your WordPress pricing table, always highlight the best plan according to you. Your business always has the best plan to offer that is a win-win for your company and the customer. 

The genuinely great plan for your customer must be highlighted to give them a proper hint before they finalize a plan. 

So, how would you manage to have an exclusive pricing plan on your pricing table design?

For sure, you will need to download a WP pricing table plugin that helps you with complete customization features for designing a pricing plan strategy as per your need. 

The Best WordPress Pricing Table plugin for your Website (2021)

By highlighting a middle plan, you help your customers to make a quick choice. Nevertheless, it’s a quick converting technique for selling the plan that you want!

5. Mention Pricing Plan FAQs

When you are mentioning the different elements in your pricing table plan or grid, you are quite clear from your end as you are the owner or creator. But, what about your customers?

Customers hold many questions regarding the numbers of users, numbers of companies, features, trial period offers, refund procedure, security, maintenance, and a lot more. For the same, you need to mention and list a few relevant FAQs that will help your customers to ease their doubts. 

Also, the FAQs must be relevant only to your pricing plans. If needed, explain the refund or subscription procedure in detail as transparency helps attract more customers. 


These are the five awesome pricing table strategies you need to follow to convert your leads into sales. Nevertheless, installing a WP pricing table plugin will help you with many customization features to enhance the appearance of your pricing page. For more details, you can log on to our website or can write us your queries.

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